Ableton Live Authorization File

  • If you have recently purchased an Ableton Live license, you will need to authorize your new software.
  • Authorizing Ableton Live ensures users have access to all features the software has to offer.

| Step 5: Select ‘Offline Authorization’

  • While most users traditionally choose to authorize online, Live provides an easy solution to authorize its software on a device without an internet connection.
  • Hi, I’m Ben from Live Aspects and in this guide, I’ll be showing you the best way to authorize any version of Ableton Live offline.

| Step 4: Select License From Ableton Account

  • | Step 1: Open Ableton Live. | Step 2: Select ‘No Internet On This Computer’.
  • | Step 3: Head To Ableton User Account. | Step 4: Select License From Ableton Account. | Step 5: Select ‘Offline Authorization’.
  • | Step 6: Enter Hardware Code. | Step 7: Download Authorization File.

| Step 3: Head To Ableton User Account

| Step 8: Copy Authorization File To USB. | Step 9: Authorize Ableton Live.

  • Without further adieu, let’s dive in! To authorize Ableton Live offline, start by installing and opening the software. Once open, a welcome window will appear prompting you to authorize your software.
  • Next, select ‘No internet on this computer’ from the bottom-left corner of the authorization window. You will then be provided a short list of things required to complete authorization offline. You can save this list to a text file by selecting ‘Save’ in the bottom right corner.
  • On an internet-connected computer, login to your Ableton User Account on Ableton’s website.

| Step 1: Open Ableton Live

Offline authorization can be performed on the same computer, as long as it has an internet connection. Take note of your hardware code and Ableton serial number (if you purchased Live in a store).

  • Once you have logged in to your Ableton account, select the version of the software you are authorizing from the drop-down box.
  • Scroll down and select ‘Offline Authorization’. Enter the 24-digit hardware code that was displayed in the authorization window of your Ableton Live software.
  • Once you have typed in your hardware code, click the blue ‘Download’ button. An Authorize.auz file will be saved to your computer.
  • Copy and paste the authorization file onto an external storage device such as a USB, an external hard-drive or an SD card.
  • Alternately, you can upload the file to an online storage service like Google Drive or Dropbox. On the computer with Ableton Live installed, plug in the external storage device containing the Authorize.auz file.
  • Lastly, double-click the authorization file or drag and drop it onto the authorization window in Ableton Live.

| Step 9: Authorize Ableton Live

Your Live software will now be authorized! Here at Live Aspects, we have dozens of useful lessons and tutorials created to enhance your music production skills and help speed up the learning process.

  • You can access our huge range of music theory lessons and production tips and tricks here. Live Versions: 10, 11.

| Step 2: Select ‘No Internet On This Computer’

Operating System: All. If online authorization isn't working, see below for some common issues:. Empty your browser's cache, here's a guide which covers most browsers.

  • Try authorizing again using a different browser; we recommend Chrome or Firefox. Temporarily disable any anti-virus or firewall during the authorization process.
  • You can also add the Live application as an "exception" in your anti-virus settings.
  • Run Live as an administrator (Win).
  • Make sure you have the correct version of the program installer.
  • Download the latest installer from your user account (the disc version is now outdated).

| Step 6: Enter Hardware Code

When upgrading from e.g. the Trial version to Suite, first uninstall the Trial version and download the Suite installer separately; as the Trial is a separate installation from a paid version of the program.

  • Try the authorization with a different browser such as Firefox. Use the Offline authorization method.

| Step 8: Copy Authorization File To USB

*There is a known issue for some users due to a recent update to the Google Chrome browser, External Protocol Handlers required in the authorization process are currently blocked or do not function correctly on some operating systems.

Confirm the email address you are signed in with under the "Personal Details" section of your account.

As each Live license is for a single user it is only possible for a serial number to be registered to one email.

If you are logged into with an address that your Live serial is not associated to, you will not be able to authorize. Check the Hardware Code in the offline authorization dialogue box in Live's Preferences → Licenses Maintenance → Authorize Offline.

The Hardware Code is a number generated by your computer and is different from the Live serial number.

| Step 7: Download Authorization File

When authorizing offline, you will need to enter the Hardware Code on your account page to download the necessary file.

Authorizing Live online

See our dedicated article: Live asks for authorization at every launch.

Authorize Offline

In case online authorization still isn't working, you can authorize offline instead.

Posted by9 months ago. So, I’m using the R2R version of Ableton cracking for version 11. This versions instructions just say to install Ableton and use the keygen to activate the file.

However, the first time it didn’t work (maybe I turned off my wifi too late). The second time, I uninstalled and tried again.

This time fire-walling the app and deleting the registry files (did this during installation so maybe why it failed).

I will try a third time and delete the registry files so I don’t get my info flagged again before reinstalling.