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  1. Aria Pro 2 Bass Serial Numbers

I have seen both 6 and 7 digit serial numbers (excluding the letter if it is present).This new serialization covered Aria, Aria Pro II, Vantage, Westbury, most Westones, Japanese Washburns, some Electras, and the Skylark as well as others. The first digit (and upon rare occasion the first two) indicated the year.

  1. Sunburst, dual humbuckers, solid back and top, nice set neck (3-piece, no scarf joint) There is no country of manufactuing on the guitar, PO indicated it was a late 1980s, early 90's date. Serial number is S020512265. I have been to the commonly referenced serial dating page for Arias with no firm answer.
  2. At least for Aria guitars, made by Matsumoku, the serial number contains the year of manufacture in the first 2 digits, thus a guitar from 1979 would have a serial number, such as 79####. Aria Guitar Serial Number Search. The manufacturing of Aria guitars were subcontracted out to Matsumoku from 1964 to 1986.
Aria pro ii electric guitar

Aria Pro 2 Bass Serial Numbers

CodeModelMFG/DescriptionConditionPrice in US$
80020381MK-1800WAARIA PRO-II Mocking Bird Walnut 1980 madeMintUSD 1300.00+
80020404PE-R80(T)ARIA PRO-II PE RED OriginalFairSold
80020432MA-550BLARIA PRO-II Magna Black MintSold
80020494MK-1600NARIA PRO-II Mocking Bird Maple 1980 madeASKSold
80020659ST-500YSBARIA PRO-II Strat 1980 made MatsumokuMintSold
80020695PE-800ARIA PRO-II PE Violin 70's made originalMintSold
80020705TVARIA Diamond Les Paul TV model Mint-Sold
80020788PE-R60ARIA PRO-II PE RED Early 80's made I111xxxMintSold
80021184RS-600WAARIA PRO-II PE RS 1981 MadeMintSold
80000190ST-500YSBARIA PRO-II Strat Sunburst RFBMintSold
80000194PE-1200FR LimitedARIA PRO-II PE Red 1982 made Limited modelMint+Sold
80000197TE-450N/MARIA PRO-II Telecaster 52 Model N/MFBMint+Sold
80000264ST-500W/RARIA PRO-II Strat White RFB 1980 Matsumoku MadeMint-USD 437.00+
80000289ST-400?ARIA PRO-II Strat Sunburst MFB 1979 Matsumoku MintSold
80000304ST-500SB/MARIA PRO-II Strat Sunburst MFB 1977 Matsumoku Mint+Sold
80000305ST-500B/RARIA PRO-II Strat Black RFB 1979 Matsumoku MadeMint-Sold
80000332ST-500W/R JBARIA PRO-II Strat White RFB 1979 Matsumoku JBMint-USD 438.00+
80000371LS-500ARIA PRO-II LP STD Black 1980 made + Gotoh PUsFairSold
80000373LCARIA PRO-II LP CTM 1980 Custom madeMint-Sold
80000423ST-500W/RARIA PRO-II Strat White RFB 1980 MatsumokuMint-Sold
80000443TS-600NARIA PRO-II Original Though Neck 1980 madeFairSold
80000477ST-450W/RARIA PRO-II Strat White RFB 1978 MatsumokuMint-Sold
80000505ST-500SB/MARIA PRO-II Strat SB MFB 1977 MatsumokuMint-Sold
80000519TS-600WAARIA PRO-II Original Though Neck 1980 madeMintSold
80000535PE-600ARIA PRO-II PE Sunburst 70's made originalMint+USD 698.00+
80000565ST-500L SB/MARIA PRO-II Strat Lefty SB MFB 1977 MatsumokuMint-USD 488.00+
80000592CS-400ARIA PRO-II CS Wine Red early 80's madeFairSold
80000641TS-600NARIA PRO-II Original Though Neck 1980 madeFairSold
80020652MK-1800WAARIA PRO-II Mocking Bird Walnut 1980 madeMintSold
80020673TS-600NARIA PRO-II Original Though Neck 1980 madeMint-Sold
80020698TS-600NARIA PRO-II Original Though Neck 80's madeFairSold
80000704TE-500NARIA PRO-II TL Thinline ModelMintSold
80000710LS-500ARIA PRO-II LP STD 1980 madeMint-Sold
80000765ST-500 SB/MARIA PRO-II Strat YSB MFB 1977 MatsumokuMint-USD 398.00+
80000769ST-500 SB/MARIA PRO-II Strat YSB MFB 1977 MatsumokuMint-USD 388.00+
80000780ST-500 SB/MARIA PRO-II Strat YSB MFB 1976 MatsumokuFairUSD 358.00+