Auslogics Boostspeed 11 Key

The software is available in Free and Pro versions and comes bundled with a wide mix of useful utilities designed to improve your PC. With more than 15 in-built tools, Auslogics BoostSpeed 11 can efficiently defrag the hard drive, optimize the RAM and CPU, clean up junk files and the registry, and suggest system setting tweaks to restore your PC’s glory. Other bonus tools that the software features include the disk explorer, system info tools, duplicate file finder, and file shredder. Again, Auslogics BoostSpeed 11 comes packaged with a wide collection of features that optimize a computer’s performance. Here are some of its notable features:. Windows Slimmer – cleans out any unnecessary components that affect memory and CPU usage. Internet Optimizer – analyzes the internet connection and suggests a recommended network setting that boosts speed. Disk Defrag – defragments files on the hard drive and optimizes file structures to free up valuable system space. Startup Manager – allows users to add or remove startup programs. Clean Disk Space – cleans junk files from the hard drive. Registry Cleaner – repairs corrupted registry keys to improve PC performance. Computer Speed – analyzes the system and resolve issues to boost system speed. System Stability – improves system stability by fixing issues. Protect Your Privacy – detects suspicious links and potentially dangerous cookies to protect data privacy. SSD Optimization – optimizes the SSD drive when the computer is not in use. Processor Optimization – optimizes CPU resources in real-time. Disk Priority Manager – provides users with fast access to files by giving priority to more important and active programs. Browser Cleanup – removes unnecessary extensions and toolbars. Win 10 Tweaker – provides users with stability and protection recommendations. It’s easy to use Auslogics BoostSpeed 11. Begin by clicking the Scan button to start the search of files, stability, privacy, and performance issues. The scanning process takes about 20 to 30 minutes. Once done, a window will pop up with data on how many issues are detected and the number of files to be removed. And that’s pretty much all of it! So far, PC users who have tried Auslogics BoostSpeed 11 are generally satisfied with the software. Not only did it clean their PCs thoroughly, removing obsolete and junk files; it also resolved some common internet issues, including weak signals. Perhaps one thing that frustrated many of them is that they found it hard to test other features of the software because they are using the trial version. Here’s what others have to say about the software:. Great and complex software for cleaning your PC. If you`re seeking a precise program for cleaning and repairing all of your software issues, then BoostSpeed is a perfect choice. This program has quite a complicated interface, so it`s is much better for you to study how to use it before installation. I use this piece of software on my home PC, and completely satisfied with the results – there were found so many things to fix, that I couldn`t imagine, so now my computer works much better and faster.