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Kirby and the Forgotten Land - The Loop. Do you like this video? Before April 18, 2017, the prototype version of Bendy and the Ink Machine was the earliest known demo, released on February 10, 2017, on Game Jolt once before eventually being taken down.

Assets / Textures

Explore an abandoned cartoon studio where the animations come to life. Try your best to solve the puzzles.

With Chapter 1: Moving Pictures only available, the demo itself is entirely different when compared to its later remastered updates, with slightly shorter gameplay length and a lack of several features that were not planned to be implemented yet.

The demo was created by only two people: theMeatly and Mike Mood, way before hiring several more developers for bigger collaboration. The prototype can be downloaded from here. Credit goes to the Steam user Micah for the download. It can be used by both 64-bit and 32-bit.

You can also download this version and other old versions here: All characters' models are totally different when compared to their own final builds. The unseen characters Henry and Wally Franks both have audio quality slightly different from their own dialogue.

Thomas Connor's tape was not planned to be added, making Wally Franks the only recorded speaker in the prototype. Bendy's cutout reveals himself to originally have his gloves each with three darts instead of two buttons, and the fact that his index finger was closer to his hand.

Install instructions

The cutout also appears to be entirely flat as if made of paper instead of cardboard.


The Boris clone's older model looks slightly bigger and less detailed, with the giant hole from his stomach resembling a Y-shaped incision, and noticeably wears no overalls or gloves.


Ink Bendy has an entirely different model in the early prototype. He is about the same height as Henry, with a human-like head, different-styled horns, and a lack of arms or legs and has a little less detail.

Characters / Monsters

A rather funny fact worth noting, this version was jokingly dubbed "Bird Poop with a Smile" by the development team.

Ink Bendy also lets out an high-pitched shriek when popping out from behind the blocked entrance to the Ink Machine's room.

  • This sound was actually reused audio from theMeatly's very first game MeatlyMakes, likely a placeholder.
  • The prototype version of Wally Frank's audio log sounded much cleaner, as it lacked the audio filters that were added in the updates.
  • His audio log does not include the transcript to along with it, as such, his name was initially unknown until it was added in the first update.
  • Just like in all updates before Chapter 4's Update, Wally's audio log was located on a small wooden platform on the wall, instead of being found on a table.