Bendy And The Ink Machine Betas

Beta Bendy
TypeHit and Run
Signs of nearingBreathing and unknown noises
OriginBendy and the Ink Machine
Map(s)The Ink Machine (formerly)
Classic Maps (Munt's server)
Theme songLittle Devil Darling (old version)
PartnersBeta Searchers

These are all the beta versions of BATIM They all work for windows 7,8 and 10 and 1.2 and 1.1 work for MacOS.


Just download and extract all the files for 1.3.0 you will WINZIP. WinRAR, 7z, or any RAR extractor. I have added a ZIP version of 1.3.0 But if you have an extractor use the RAR format the zip is buggy.


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how do i download BATIM beta v1.1.2 in macOS big sur? v1.3.3 and hello neighbor works as they should (no bugs) and the earlier versions probably also do.

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