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PlatformsWindows, macOS

How To Download Bendy And The Ink Machine Chapter 1?

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Open the Game and Enjoy Playing. Bendy And The Ink Machine Chapter 1 Download: Bendy The continuation, Bendy alongside the Dark Revival has been created.

The surrendered craftsman that returns into his past activity studio Joey Drew Studios during the 1930s following a hello out of his past organization Joey Drew, additionally tracks down that a horrible dream of animation characters apparently invigorated from the essential Ink Machine.

Bendy As well as the Ink Machine has been for the most part invited upon its own intrinsic delivery, along with recognition focusing on its own exemplary classy and account.

In the months after its delivery, it in a flash expanded a massive after from showing on stages including YouTube and Twitch and was upheld by Steam Greenlight in mid-2017.

Product, just as versatile side work, was subsequently familiar with extra advances in the game.

Mike Mood, the match program designer, and co-creator depicted the game as an” inadvertent achievement”.

Just as the Ink Machine is a perseverance detestability game that contains a blend of the riddle depicting, condition fight, and examination to help Henry on his excursion through the darkened halls of both Joey Drew Studios.

Players examine by means of a first-individual point of view and have restricted actual activities, for example, jumping and running.

Various things can be aggregated, a couple of which should do interesting tasks preceding proceeding. Containers of bacon soup, a reference to the matchmaker thermally alongside his associate Mike Mood, could likewise be collected for accomplishments and to restore Henry’s wellbeing on the off plausibility he is hurt.

The contention is In-game enemies have unmistakable better degrees and strength than harm, obliging gamers to be strategic about keeping up with far away and striking if important.

The powerlessness to do this will cause downfall. Henry can draw inside Small Miracle Stations at some random stage enemies are close by to recuperate or stay away.

On the off probability he takes an excessive amount of injury, he will escape out of the ink which uses him respawn at among the few sculptures of Bendy which move around as designated spots.

Bendy and the Ink Machine is first-individual endurance awfulness had and a few kid’s shows in the last part of the 1930s to 1940s the game where the player plays Henry Stein, a resigned artist who gets back to his old working environment, Joey Drew Studios, and finds that a machine has undermined the whole studio and rejuvenated specific animation characters.

The game blends battle in with puzzle mechanics.

Players investigate through a first-individual view and have restricted actual activities like running and bouncing.

Various things can be gathered, some of which are needed to perform different assignments prior to continuing.

Jars of bacon soup can likewise be gathered for accomplishments and to reestablish Henry’s wellbeing in case he is harmed.

The battle is basically engaged around a wide range of skirmish-based weapons, like a hatchet, line, unclogger, or grass cutter. Also, there are long-range weapons, for example, a Tommy firearm or bacon soup jars. In-game adversaries have diverse strength levels and versatility to harm, compelling players to be strategic with regards to keeping far off and striking when important.

Inability to do as such will bring about death.

Henry can withdraw inside Little Miracle Stations at whatever point adversaries are close by to recuperate or stay hidden.

On the off chance that he takes a lot of harm, he can escape from the ink that devours him and respawn at one of the various sculptures of Bendy that go about as designated spots.

The player can save their advancement by collaborating with time card stations.

Likewise, players can discover various sound logs all through the studio that give more insights regarding the game’s story, especially concerning the destiny of the studio and its representatives, like the frameworks utilized in games like BioShock.

A portion of these logs can be missed and require further investigation to uncover the mysterious regions they frequently dwell In.

In the last part, players open the Seeing Tool, which is a gadget used to see secret messages that would be undetectable without it.

In the wake of finishing it, players can likewise utilize it in the past four parts.

Workmanship Style Of This Game Was Great In This Game. You Have Nice Voice Acting In This Game. Game Sounds Along With Graphics Are So Good.

You Have To Show Your Skills In This Game.

Gamer Have 3 Roles To Play.

In This Game, You Have To Solve Some Puzzles.

It’s A Nice Little Game To Play. Game Play So Far Is Decent In This Game. Hop Scares Got Me Pretty Good. The Antagonist Is Creepy As Hell. You Have To Find A Lot Of Things In This Game.

Will Run Perfectly On Low-End Hardware. Great Story Which Keeps The Flow. Bendy And The Ink Machine Chapter 1 DownloadMinimum Requirements.

Memory: 8 GB RAM. Graphics: 4GB Dedicated.

DirectX: Version 12. Storage: 2 GB available space.

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Thank you for uploading this, I finally found original versions :-)

I can’t wait to get this when I get a new computer! :D

I'm an OG BATIM player I have been playing since early march 2017

That’s cool! I was never able to actually play myself, until I got it for Xbox last year, but I was a fan since it came out

also what are the specs of your new PC I need to make sure it runs

chapter 3 works i got to play that one and it work with out the app it was fine it was fun intill my sister restarted my computer becuse it wasent working but it was fun

this is not the official game page its just to upload older versions Here is the official game page

v1.3.3: no i wont start untill u have a app i can run on

all versions dont work v1.2.0 shows black screen and then closes


i got a problem with 1.1.2. i click it and it opens but shows no game window or anything and then just closes. can someone tell me why that is happening?

you download and extract the file then open the EXE in ZIP or RAR folder

Version 1.3.0 still won't work for me, I left it for around maybe 30 minutes without touching my mouse or keyboard and it was just stuck on a black screen. It did the same with the one from game jolt also. I can't see it having to do anything with my graphics driver because that updates every time my pc updates and my other games run completely fine

ok. btw random question but what did you mean by "give me a bi" did you mean give you a bit of time to find a fix. If the profile folder is missing in 1.3.0 use this and put the profile folder in it

here is I wont put it on the main page till I make sure it works

If you have an extractor DO NOT use the ZIP file for 1.3.0 It may have some issues RAR format was used in that file since 2017 and may not boot if you use ZIP and stuff may be missing

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