Best Torrent Sites For Software


Torrenting is the ideal way to download and store movies, music, audio, books, TV shows, etc. Generally, you experience slow speeds if you try to download such files directly from the host server. That is where a torrent client comes in handy. It will enable you to get pieces of a file from other peers, resulting in a faster download.

The free torrent downloaders available vary in terms of features and security, with some designed to collect users’ data (the scary ones). After rigorous research and testing, we have gathered the 17 best torrent clients so you can avoid the unsafe ones.

Since our list is comprehensive, you’ll definitely find an option whether you want something simple or more advanced with customizable features. Check out this quick best torrent clients list to begin safe torrenting now:. BitTorrent – Powerful torrent client for desktop and mobile that comes with features like an inbuilt search box, a download scheduler, and lots more.

uTorrent – Lightweight software, updates security features frequently, auto-download, remote control.

Deluge – Customizable client, extendable through plugins, integrates with Chrome and Firefox, supports scheduled downloads.

qBittorent – Free and open-source tool, built-in media player, encrypted connections, support private torrents. Vuze – Well-designed downloader, virus protection, compatible with major platforms, inbuilt forums, and chat function. Want to know about more options?

Read along to find the complete list of the 17 best torrent/P2P clients you can use today. Torrenting is unregulated, which means you can download anything. Thus, it becomes easy for malicious actors to disguise malware in mislabeled torrent files.

Downloading these files might install malware on your device.

In turn, you may experience many problems such as dramatic slowdowns, hardware failure, data theft, etc.

The best way to avoid these threats is to use a trusted and secure torrent software.

Fortunately, some of them have paid-for subscriptions with premium features such as virus protection. Others employ mechanisms to flag off any form of ads when torrenting. Using such torrent clients significantly reduces the risks of malware attacks on your device.

It would be best to go for open-source torrent clients as they don’t depend on advertising to make money. So, they won’t barrage you with irritating or potentially dangerous ads.

Also, such software is improved frequently, so you will likely experience a consistently seamless performance.

Before you download a torrent using any client, we strongly recommend connecting to a VPN.

The VPNs on this list will encrypt all your internet activities by routing your traffic through private servers.

No one can see what you are doing, not even your internet service provider or any other third party. According to our tests, ExpressVPN is the best service for torrenting as it offers remarkable speeds and advanced security features. BitTorrent is a well-known and powerful torrent tool that has existed for a long time.

It boasts tons of features helpful for both beginners and advanced users. For example, it offers malware protection, playback, and much more. Moreover, the Android app has a WiFi-only feature that lets you save on data.

With this feature enabled, the torrenting process continues only when you are connected to a hotspot, an excellent utility if you have a limited data plan.

Besides, you can easily find the torrent files you want on the search box.

uTorrent is one of the best P2P software available.

Here, searching and downloading torrent files is very easy. Also, you can find streaming magnet links and torrent files for your favorite content. The software is highly configurable, allowing you to tweak some features to suit your needs.

For example, you can add more bandwidth to specific downloads and set upload and download speed. Interestingly, the entire application is smaller than a digital photo, so it doesn’t occupy much space on your device.

Although, the tool has attracted criticism for allegedly letting hackers control crucial functions.

However, BitTorrent has introduced a patch to address the vulnerability.

So now, the only annoying thing with this tool is the ads it shows while torrenting.

(Though, they aren’t intrusive or malicious.). Deluge is a well-established torrent downloader. The software is extremely lightweight so that it won’t clutter your hard drive space.

We tested it on our laptop, and it worked flawlessly. Its recent updates let you create your own torrents. The disadvantage is that the interface may be a little bit complicated for beginners. However, it comes with a lot of customization for advanced users through a wide variety of plugins.

Additionally, you can integrate it with your browser and set scheduled downloads.

qBittorrent is another popular torrent downloader software.

Although the user interface isn’t highly polished or fancy, the software gets the job done.

So, we recommend it if you are a beginner or your PC has low specs. Furthermore, qBittorrent is open-source, which means it is updated and improved frequently. Also, it has an inbuilt media player and supports encrypted connections, proxies and connects privately.

The best part is that the client is compatible with major devices, and you can access and control it remotely. If you are looking for a P2P client with powerful search capabilities, Vuze (formerly Azureus) is your best bet.

It comes with impressive features such as magnet link support, media and device playback, and remote control.

The software wraps this practicability with a user-friendly user interface.

One of Vuze’s selling points is the chat functions and built-in forums.

Plus, the subscription service comes with extra features such as integrated virus protection, bandwidth limiting, IP filtering, and much more. Remember, the free version is ad-supported. BitLord is a trustworthy free P2P downloader. The software is older than most clients on this list but still performs exemplary.

In fact, the user interface is intuitive, making it effortless to navigate. You will also get a built-in player to play content before downloading. The client works well; we didn’t experience any issues during downloads.

Some helpful features you get with this tool include a download organizer, automatic subtitle, password protection, and torrent feedback list.

BitComet is the fastest BitTorrent client.

However, it is specifically designed for Windows only.

Besides the basic torrent client features, it also adds a couple of things into the mix. For example, it has a feature dubbed long-term seeding that enables you to fetch data from peers who have the whole torrent file. Also, its intelligent disk caching stores frequently accessed data in the main memory instead of your PC’s hard drive, thereby reducing the performance impact.

Torch Browser is a Chromium-based web browser preloaded with a safe torrent client. It has aneasy-to-use interfacewhere you can easily search and download your favorite content. The torrent download software allows you to play video files while still downloading.

In addition, you can set the speed limit so that the torrenting process doesn’t affect your surfing experience.

Like uTorrent, it will display the upload and download speeds and overall data usage statistics at the bottom of the dashboard.

Web Torrent is the best option if you are looking for simple software for downloading torrents.

You only have to paste the magnet URL or torrent file, and the downloading process will start immediately. This open-source P2P client has a minimalist interface making it easy to search and download torrent files. It also provides an inbuilt player so you can play music, videos, and audiobooks as they download.

You can also stream videos on Chromecast, AirPlay, and DLNA hassle-free. Tixati is a torrent download software with a classic user interface and impressive functionality. It is straightforward to install and comes with encrypted chat rooms, bandwidth limits, and numerous configuration settings.

The torrent client does not disturb you with annoying ads or any other distracting content when torrenting.

It also employs sufficient measures to prevent malware.

On the downside, the software is only compatible with Windows and Linux.

So, you’ll have to choose another option if you use macOS. BiglyBT is a reliable torrent downloading client that is open-source and ad-free. If you have ever used Vuze, you’ll find its features familiar such as the user interface. One of BiglyBT’s impressive features is Swarm merging, enabling multiple torrents to download the same file to compensate for dead bits and improve the downloading speeds.

Other noteworthy features include built-in discovery tools, download limit filters, and Android remote control. The client works with Windows, Mac, Android and does not feature any ads or offers. Transmission is a torrent downloader perfect for macOS users.

Configuring the software on your device is easy.

During our tests, the entire process took less than 3 minutes to complete.

It’s an open-source tool bearing a user-friendly interface, numerous remarkable features, and customizable settings. For instance, you can set speed limits, stop seeding when the download has met a specific ratio, and more. For best results, use the latest version of Transmission torrent downloader as it performs faster than the previous one. is a cloud-based torrent downloader, which means you won’t have to install it on your device to start torrenting. Instead, your download files will be stored on the cloud so that you can access them with any device at any time. This saves you space and is also an excellent way to protect your files.