Biosystem Bts 350 User Manual Pdf

  1. Biosystem Bts 350 User Manual Pdf
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BioSystems' BA400 is a clinical chemistry and turbidimetry analyzer designed to offer the best performance to laboratories looking towards achieving highest efficiency with optimal operative cost. In combination with BioSystems original reagents and worldwide technical support coverage, the BA400 system defines the new generation of clinical.

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Biosystem bts 350 user manual pdf download
Semi-Automatic Analyzer

Aware of the critical role laboratories play in the health of the community, BioSystems pursues excellence with regards to quality and reliability without compromise. In this context, BioSystems offers the new streamline designed BTS 350 semi-automatic analyzer with durable mechanics, advance optics and innovative LED powered system. This stylish but robust BTS-350 addresses the needs of any laboratory with special attention to optimize consumption and low maintenance.

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2 months ago
2 months agoASTM-RS-232
Hello I wish to send data to the biosystem BTS-350 and recieve data from it when it completesthe test to my system directly using a programming language is that possible ?? does it support ASTM or not ??? is there any communication pdf manual??Reply
-Eng. Rafaelo
a year ago
a year agoAbsorbance out of limits
Please help me by solving this message error:ABSORBANCE OUT OF LIMITSReply


3 years ago
3 years agoDifferent value after running standard
Please assist how to troubleshoot my machine it's giving me erroneous values even after running The control and standardReply
Biosystem Bts 350 User Manual Pdf

Biosystem Bts 350 User Manual Pdf

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Biosystem Bts 350 Service Manual Pdf


Biosystem Bts 350 User Manual Pdf Free

  • Complete Range of LEDs (340-405,505,535,560,600,670nm)
  • Durable, humidity Proof Hard Coated Filters + 2 free positions
  • Black BOX-Optics Sealed Optic Systems-no Filter Wheel
  • Battery Pack Power Failure (2 hrs)
  • Monochromatic/Bichromatic Reading
  • Photometric Rang (0.0 to 3.5A) for all Wavelengths
  • Sipping volume from 100 µL- 5000 µL
  • Temp. System from 25° - 40°C (1° C increment) controlled by Peltier
  • Flow Cuvette 18 µL
  • Ergonomic designed accessible Pulse for sample loading
  • Prog Memory up to 150 Techniques
  • Backlit Graphic Display 320 x 240 pixels with contrast settings
  • Tactile Membrane Keyboard
  • USB and serial RS-232 for external Computer Use
  • Thermal Printer (easy loading)
  • Patient Result up to 2000 with blank and calibration values can be stored
  • Levy-Jennings QC chart based on Westgard's rule
  • Calibration by Factor, single calibrator or calibration curve
  • Kinetics by Linear Regression
  • PC Communication


Biosystem Bts 350 User Manual Pdf 2017

Wavelength Range340 to 670 nm
Measuring Range0 to 3.5
Height420 mm
Length 216 mm
Weight4 kg
Width350 mm