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This system has been used a lot to distribute copyrighted material, so it’s generally frowned upon by the powers that be. We’ve made a selection of 11 torrent sites that we like to use, plus one we’ve heard is good. We’ve not established any hard scientific criteria or anything, these are all just sites that our team knows and likes. They’re easy to use, have a large selection of torrents to choose from and won’t drown you in pop-ups, either (though you should always have an ad blocker installed, anyway). However, we won’t be linking to any of these sites directly, as we’ve been hit with takedown notices in the past and we’re not really interested in getting into legal trouble for the sake of an article we’re basically presenting as a service. While we’re happy to defend freedom of speech to the death, watching pirated episodes of The Wire isn’t a basic human right. There are basically two kinds of torrent sites: public and private. Public ones can be accessed by anybody, while private ones generally require registration or even a fee of some kind. While private ones like IPTorrents and PassThePopcorn are pretty cool, we’ve decided that our readers are best served if we just rank open sites. We’ve also excluded torrent search engines like Torrentz2, SkyTorrents and MagnetDL for the simple reason there’s not really all that much to review there. While they’re certainly useful, especially if you’re looking for something exotic, we prefer going to our favorite torrent sites ourselves rather than run the risk of ending up on some dodgy Usenet forum based off of unclear search results. With the lay of the land firmly in mind, it’s time to go into all our entries in more detail. Our top pick will be of little surprise to anybody, but maybe we found some gems you hadn’t heard of yet. Though not the first torrent site, The Pirate Bay is without a doubt the most notorious. It’s been the subject of so many raids and shutdowns, you’d need a team of investigative journalists just to put together the timeline of it all. However, no matter who comes after it, the site is still going strong after over 15 years on the air. However, because it’s so infamous, it can be tough to find a mirror that works without a million redirects to dodgy pop-ups. It’s a pain, but it’s worth it, as it has just the biggest library of movies, TV shows and games, as well as books. It’s a bit weak on the music front, though, we have to say. Using it is also pretty easy. The search engine won’t throw up too much garbage when you enter a term (you still want to make sure it’s pretty specific, though). The categories are also easy to sift through as well, as long as the uploader did his job and checked the right boxes. Overall, The Pirate Bay is our favorite. It stands tall among the best torrent sites for movies and TV shows, as well as being one of the best book torrent sites. If you’re looking for new content, look here first. In the torrenting world, KickassTorrents is almost as big a name as The Pirate Bay. It was around for a very long time — over a decade — before it got shut down by the U.S. in 2016 with its founder getting busted in Poland. Normally we would welcome such close cooperation between countries, but in this case the word “overkill” comes to mind. However, about a year ago new life was blown into the site, meaning it’s back and, well, kicking ass. The new site looks exactly like the old one (including some features we found annoying even back in the day) at A quick look shows the entire old library has been restored, as well, so it’s not like you’ll only be able to download torrents of new stuff. Overall, KickassTorrents is regarded as one of the best torrenting sites, and for good reason. It has a huge library, and we love how clearly you can see the age of the torrent, as well as the number of seeders and leechers it has. However, we found that its search and categorization function can get a little annoying, though it’s definitely better than Zooqle’s. Whether Kickass or TPB is the best torrent download site is a personal preference, but between the two of them you’ve got most of the torrenting landscape covered. However, there are plenty of other sites that cover niches a lot better. Let’s take a look at some of them. If you were wondering which torrenting site is the oldest still out there, 1337x may be a contender. It’s been around at least since “1337” was a thing, after all (kids, ask your parents). It’s aged well, though, and offers countless downloads across all kinds of categories, all of them offered through a very retro-modern portal. If you don’t like this view, you can easily change it with a button at the top left of the screen, which gets you a more conventional view like the one, say, KickassTorrents or TPB offer.