Chicken Invaders 3 Download Pc


In this hilarious Arcade game, no chickens are crossing the road to get to the other side, because in Chicken Invaders 3, there are no roads. Set in Space, these chickens zip around with just one mission in mind - to invade! Angered by the way they've been treated on Earth by us Humans, the chickens are on a war path.

Show them that it's you who has the upper hand by blasting their invasion formations to smithereens.

Defend Earth in Chicken Invaders 3 and secure man's god-given right to pot roasts, chicken burgers and schnitzels! The main menu with Windows 98 has various options to either launch the software or view the in-built gaming options.

Game options consist of options such as control options, graphics settings, language, gamepad buttons and also access to online leaderboards.

The game can be launched either from the task bar or by right clicking on the desktop. There is a help option with the desktop that helps with configuration changes and helps with installing the software. You can also find the game features arranged in a logical sequence, with each level having increased objectives for you to complete before moving to the next.

Although you start off with the basic goal of collecting the chickens, the real challenge comes when dealing with the more difficult invaders.

Game Description

  • There is an endless amount of variety and challenges to the overall game and the fun of the real chicken battle.
  • The second level introduces a new weapon to the arsenal of the game - the Chicken Invaders 3 Repertoire.
  • This allows you to fire three times in quick succession; perfect for opening up the attack on the larger and more numerous rollings. You also receive a brand new shield, which has a higher defense.

In order to increase your chances of success against bigger and more aggressive enemy birds, you should place the blue pebbles on your pebbles field.