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If we have VPS or dedicated server having cPanel and your clients are requesting as their organization is using Office 365 for internal collaboration and for Email flow. They need to add their domain to Office 365 tenant. In order to prove ownership of domain and have mail flow they need to update the MX record and TXT record. In such cases the reference provided by Microsoft is available in the below link. Below is the steps I followed for Create Office 365 DNS records in cPanel server.

The above link explains how we can create MX,CNAME , SPF and SRV records in domain Name servers. In this creation of SPF,MX, CNAME records are very easy and most of them are familiar with the same. The only confusion that may lies is for creation of SRV records.

Here we are only explains how we create SRV records in a WHM server with reference to Office 365 article.

The only main point we need to remember in our mind is in WHM DNS records area there is field for Service and Protocol if we select the record type as SRV. So in such cases we must specify the Service and Protocolvalues as the record’s Name value.

Now below screen shots will pretty much explains how it can be achieved. We are also attaching the screenshots of domain verification at office365 prior to creating DNS records or if there any issue with DNS record syntax. That means the in the screenshot we can see whether the verification is passed or failed.

If you open several browser windows to cPanel & WHM and log out in one of them, the server logs out all the other windows. How to access cPanel To access cPanel, enter the IP address or domain and the 2083 port in your preferred browser. Built by John Nick Koston, cPanel is based on the Linux operating system and simplifies that process of using a dedicated server through its web hosting control panel. Don't worry, cPanel will also work on other operating systems like BSD or Windows. Website Management with a cPanel Server A website’s content is what drives traffic to the. Is Cpanel available for Windows server? Thread starter Kamen Rider; Start date Nov 27, 2014 K. Kamen Rider Registered. Oct 13, 2013 2 0 1 cPanel Access Level Reseller.

So before we proceed with DNS creation ask clients to verify at office 365 with their domains so it will shows whether the DNS records are password or not and will also shows what’s the expected value is. Reference the same it will help us to create the DNS records easily.

Cpanel admin
Cpanel For Windows Server

Cpanel For Windows Server 2017

Screenshot at Office365 before DNS creation.

Cpanel For Windows Server 2016

Screenshot of Office 365 DNS records at WHM after creation.

office 365 DNS Verification Passed after DNS creation