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3) Big Bash Cricket. In the list of best Android games, this is one of the best games with a lot of realistic features and high-quality graphics. This game has different modes to play like super over, quick play, BBL/WBBL. The most unique feature of this game is that it includes both men and women cricket and have a multiplayer system.

Playing the game of Cricket is a challenge due to its various different aspects – Batting, Bowling, Fielding , and the uncertainity of the game makes it even more challenging. Now, you can experience these challenges while playing the game on your mobile too!. Here we bring you the The 7 Best Cricket Games for Android which will make a good challenge!

7 Best Free Cricket Games for Android –

Game # 1 – Real Cricket 16

This is perhaps the Most feature rich cricket game from all the games we have played. It includes loads of teams and modes – T20, ODI, Test Match and provides various options such as –

  • Ability to change batting Order.
  • Decide the shots to be played.

In the initial stages, the game is really hard as you will struggle to time the bowl, but eventually, you will get the trick. Batting is difficult in this game as compared to Bowling.

Game # 2 – World Cricket Championship 2

Unlike Real Cricket 16 which is primarily a 2D based game, World Cricket Championship is 3D and brings in a totally new experience.

The game has a lot of options such as Timing meter, new shots. Some of the unique features of the game we found are –

  • Unique shots such as Dilscoops. and reverse 360 ABD.
  • Manual Field placements.
  • Hindi and English Commentary too!

Game # 3 – Stick Cricket!

Stick Cricket has created its separate fan following when it comes to Cricket games. The mantra is pretty simple – See the ball, Hit the ball but its not easy as it sounds!

Stick Cricket is perhaps the easiest to play and hard to master Cricket game. The unique set of challenges and the great animation, and its snappy gameplay make it a great cricket game for any Android mobile smartphone or tablet.

Game # 4 – Power Cricket T20 Cup 2017


Unlike the top two games mentioned above, Power Cricket T20 is no-nonsense easy to play quick Cricket game. So, when you aren’t looking to get into nitty details and just want to hit out for quick time, Power Cricket is the game to play.

Power Cricket has a simple control – Straight, off or Legside without the 360 shots of previous too.

The Bowling control too is simple, Overall the game is good enough to throw in a few surprises to keep you playing especially LBW!

Game # 5 – World Cricket Championship Lite

Coming from the same company that produced the 3 D World Championship game, this is the non-3D old 2 D version of the same.

Cricket Game Download For Android Mobile 2017

Unlike the new version which required over 1 GB of RAM, this game works on lower end devices also.

To be frank, We found the color scheme and the game engine of the Old game a bit more cool than the new one which is laggy at times, combined that with a Free-hit & third umpire support. World Cricket Championship Lite too is a good game which is neither too big nor too short like Power Cricket.

Game # 6 – ICC Pro Cricket 2015

Hadn’t been the amount of Ads this game comes with, it would have surely been placed up in the list, but the ads make it difficult to play the game while online.

Free Games For Cricket Phones

Not to take away, the game has some really unique features such as Player Training & Career, Swinging the ball mid-air. and multiple shots for the same ball type based on the gesture which is surely cooler.

The above unique features and the promise make it a good experience to try for cricket lovers.

Game # 7 – Big Bash 2016

Cricket Games Install

The Big Bash 2016 game developed by Big Ant is an example of great gameplay promise ruined due to absent of minor features.

Cricket Game Download For Android Mobile 2017 Android

The unique swipe to hit, shots and stump animations make it really visually appealing and gives a good gameplay, but the absense of sounds after hitting boundaries or commentary takes away the charm.

Cricket Game Download For Android Mobile 2017 Download

Hopefully, the developers continue with this engine, and we have a unique Cricket game in our hands, until then you can try Big Bash 2016 from the link below –

Cricket Game Download For Android Mobile 2017 New

So, these are the best free cricket games for 2017 for android phones and tablets, the games will work smoothly on Any Android versions – KitKat, Lollipop, Marshmallow and even Nougat too! . If you know of any other good cricket game, feel free to comment below, we will be happy to add it to our list.