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Release: 2013 Developer: Crytek. The continuation of a high-quality and interesting game always evokes positive emotions, and the word "crysis" in the gamer's world does not have a negative connotation: the promised Crysis 3 Is an action thriller based in the vast metropolis of New York City.

The best looking shooter around

The events in this part will take place decades after the first catastrophe in the Pacific, but the gameplay promises to remain the same: you can still pay tribute to the nanosuit, that allows you to destroy enemies like in the good old days.

The nanosuit allows the skin to harden and turn into impenetrable armor, make the protagonist invisible or even change the speed and strength indicators. The player will also be free to move around the vast locations of the Seven Wonders, sectors invented by CELL. Even the graphical component of the game promises to be similar: it is logical, we are already used to the fact that the high settings of the game engine heat up the "iron" and show the maximum parameters.

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The protagonist resembles a "broken terminator" who constantly recalls the suffering he has endured, while being a bloodthirsty killer, a ceph in a human hybrid with no feelings for the player.

  1. But during the storyline prophet finds an opportunity to become a normal person again, and even has new aims, that are not related to the mission of humanity's savior.
  2. Partners Michael Sykes, nicknamed "psycho", and Tara Strickland, a graduate of the second installment.
  3. Both characters are like echoes from the past.
  4. Version: v 1.3 + Bonus - Hunter Edition [New Version].
  5. (max speed + fast connection).
  6. Crysis 3 is an apocalyptic futuristic first person shooter set in a beautifully dilapidated New York in 2047.
  7. It has spectacular, cutting edge graphics and a new multiplayer modes to compliment the single player campaign.
  8. While it's undeniably great to look at, there's not as much freedom as we'd hoped for, even if it's much less of a corridor than Call of Duty.
  9. Twenty years after the events of Crysis 2, and New York has been coverd with a giant 'Nanodome' by a corrupt corporation, CELL.
  10. They used Ceph alien technology to develop unlimited energy, but it's clear that this has not liberated humanity.
  11. Humanity seems in worse shape than ever, in fact. You play Prophet once again, in the incredibly powerful Nanosuit.


Prophet joins the rebellion against the CELL Corporation, while being plagued by visions of the powerful alien 'Alpha Ceph'.

  • Your Nanosuit works as before, giving you four superhuman modes to choose from -armor, strength, speed and cloak.
  • As you progress you can choose which powers you want to improve.
  • Crysis 3 adds a revolutionary new weapon to your arsenal - a bow.
  • It's incredibly powerful, and the only weapon you can fire when cloaked, meaning in Crysis 3 you can be much more stealthy.
  • A result of this means Crysis 3 can feel easier than its predecessors.

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Like many FPS games, it suffers some 'follow that man' areas, where you are guided by an IA, which can be frustrating.