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Sanskrit Text is Devanagari font specially targeting the typesetting of Sanskrit texts in a traditional style. The design of Sanskrit Text is based on Monotype Devanagari, a type initially manufactured for hot metal typesetting technologies back in 1930s, but has been thoroughly revised and expanded by John Hudson and Fiona Ross (Tiro Typeworks). Letter shapes have been made more stylistically and proportionally consistent, and the glyph set supports more than 680 consonant conjunct sequences attested in Sanskrit texts. The glyph set specification was prepared with advice from Anshuman Pandey, and is based on both existing catalogues as well as new analysis of specific Vedic and literary texts.

Sanskrit Text is one of the first fonts to incorporate support for the Unicode encoding of Vedic symbols and marks. These characters are essential for correct representation of the various early Hindu religious texts known collectively as the Vedas. This means that the Sanskrit Text font may be used for literary, scientific, and also religious Sanskrit texts.

The Sanskrit Text Devanagari is accompanied in the font by a companion Latin design. This is based on Monotype's famous Bembo type, inspired by 15th Century Venetian models, but has also been thoroughly redrawn to harmonize in weight and proportion with the Devanagari. The Latin character set supports Microsoft codepage 1252 (Latin 1) plus a large set of diacritics for transliterating not just Sanskrit but also other Indian languages.

File nameSanskr.ttf
Styles & WeightsSanskrit Text
DesignersJohn Hudson & Fiona Ross (based on Monotype Devanagari and Bembo, thoroughly revised and extended.
CopyrightCopyright © 2015, Microsoft Corporation. Portions copyright © 1999, Monotype Typography Ltd.
Font vendorN/A
Script Tagsdlng: 'Deva'
slng: 'Deva', 'Latn'
Code pages1252 Latin 1
Fixed pitchFalse

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  • The Indic shaping engine processes Devanagri text in stages.
  • The stages are:. Analyze the text sequence; breaking it into syllable clusters. Reorder the characters as necessary.

Products that supply this font

Product nameFont version
Windows 11See the Windows 11 page.
Windows 10See the Windows 10 page.

This typeface is also available within Office applications. For more information visit this page.

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Change list:

Windows 10 version 1507 released on July 29, 2015

The Sanskrit Text font was included as part of the Devanagari Supplemental Fonts package.