Disaster Report 3

Disaster Report (US)/ SOS: The Final Escape (EU)
Zettai Zetsumei Toshi
Publisher(s)JP: Irem (2003-2014)
JP: Granzella (2014-present)
WW: Agetec
Release date(s)PlayStation 2
JP: April 25, 2002
NA: February 15, 2003
EU: February 28, 2003
PlayStation Network
JP: February 18, 2015
Platform(s)PlayStation 2
PlayStation Network

IntroductionThese past days I looked into hacking Disaster Report 3 to create an english translation patch and stumbled upon the previous efforts from @TwistedZeon and his team which produced a completed translation but didn't succeeded in inserting the text into the rom. But the team gathered a ton of information and released some PoC to the public.I played ZZT 1,2 and 4 this year and loved them so I decided to give it a try and hack ZZT 3 to make it playable in english.My goal is a bit different than the previous translation project: I just want to get a playable english version of ZZT 3 out there.

I don't necessarily need it to look pretty nor is my goal to translate every picture or cutscene. As it stands there will be japanese text left in my release but that's better than no release in my book.When the basic translation work is done I will look into improving the patch.Progress(24th of January, 2021)Things are going smoothly and we are currently in the process of editing the script.

  • We decided that the translation we already had from the old project was way too literal so we decided to give it a massive overhaul.This might take a while so don't panic when we're not updating this thread for a while.


We will make a public announcement when the script is done.Help wanted:We need help with editing the menu images so please contact us if you have some skills with Photoshop/Gimp and want to help out. We'll provide you with the translations and the images so all you would have to do is inserting the translated text into the images and send it back to us.Other then that we haven't touched the cutscenes yet so if you have any tips on that topic beforehand we would be glad to hear them!ETAWe're working on this in our spare time and as I mentioned above there are still some things to resolve so please don't expect a quick release.

We can't provide an ETA but if there are any major issues or other important updates we will update this thread.*mod edit*Continued discussion : here. You're browsing the GameFAQs Message Boards as a guest.

Sign Up for free (or Log In if you already have an account) to be able to post messages, change how messages are displayed, and view media in posts. Disaster Report 3 (PSP) has another chance for rerelease?

Xseed, get on this now. http://gematsu.com/2015/02/granzella-founder-discusses-disaster-report-acquisition-playstation-home-shutdownHere's the story:In the wake of the 2011 Japan Earthquake, a nearly complete Disaster Report 4 (for PS3) was cancelled by Irem.

SOS: The Final Escape 3 Release Date PSP


After this, Irem basically became a shell of its former self, with many of the Disaster Report, R-Type, Bumpy Trot devs leaving. In 2012, some of these devs including Irem director Kazuma Kujo set up a new studio called Granzella.


In that time, Granzella had been making PlayStation Home content. Then, in 2014, Granzella announced they have acquired the Disaster Report IP from Irem. And now, the cancelled Disaster Report 4 is coming back. Before DR4 is released, Granzella is releasing the first and second Disaster Report games as PS2 classics on PSN (in Japan) and then they will get around to rereleasing Disaster Report 3 on PSN for PSP / Vita (again in Japan).Here is why it is importantWhat with Xseed localising Brandish, a 2009 PSP game in 2015, it does open the door for something like that to happen again.

Perhaps for Disaster Report 3 on PSP. And then maybe a localisation for Disaster Report 4 (probably for PS4.. maybe Vita too). If those are a success, especially in the West, it might encourage Granzella to also buy the R-Type and Steambot IPs from Irem and so we get new R-Types and Steambots for PS4 / Vita. We need to get onto Xseed's twitter and let them know we need this.

And now all eyes are on where the Disaster Report series goes from here. How are you thinking things are going to proceed from here?Kujo: At the outset, right now we want to revive interest in the series again, so by the time this interview is published, we should have the first two games, Disaster Report and Raw Danger for the PS2, available for download as PS2 Classics [on the Japanese PlayStation Store].

And then from there, we’re working on getting out Zettai Zetsumei Toshi 3 out again as a downloadable PSP game, too.Tells us a little about the state of Disaster Report 4 because it was well into development and the standard media blitz when it was cancelled.

Will the game you guys put out just be a continuation of what you worked on previously or will it be something completely new?Kujo: What we accomplished with Disaster Report 4 originally is still something I want the world to see, so it’s not like we plan on scrapping everything and rebuilding it from square one. Things like the basic themes, the summertime setting, the situations that the protagonist finds themselves in, I figure those will more or less remain intact.

But a lot of time has also passed since we first worked on the game and the industry is in a different place now; the ways games express themselves, the technology they use, we have to incorporate those things now to make it all work.So essentially, the core of the game will remain the same, but if things merit reexamining, they’ll be reexamined.Kujo: Yep.Disaster Report aside, do you have word on any other Irem properties like R-Type and Steambot Chronicles?Kujo: Believe me, I have a great deal of love for those series, too, but right now I can only guarantee that we’ve got Disaster Report.

I'd rather they swooped in and picked up Fate/Extra CCC if they were going to localize an older title. I mean, i never see the right bash the left on anything because the blame game causes more issues than anything-Josh. nononoyesyesyes7 years ago#4. VoodooFingerz7 years ago#5.

I'd rather Xseed focus on other things, but that's just me and my opinion. I would rather want XSEED to pour all their manpower into localizing Senran Kagura Estival on PS4/Vita before anything. I want this asap and I'm not the only one.

SOS: The Final Escape 3 System requirements

You won't get very far if you can't view the world beyond your immediate personal experience.

Disaster Report? Yeah, real good, especially the later entries. It's a proper natural disaster survival game where you have to monitor your health, hunger and thirst while overcoming dangerous obstacles and interacting with / helping fellow survivors.

robohappy7 years ago#8. I want them to re-release the Steambot games on the PSN! Not sure how chances are for that game. Localising Brandish was a pretty natural choice based on guesswork/what little public information leaks through:possible one of the most important reasons being that it is a Falcom game; what's more is that the game has fairly little text and - based on subtle hints and whatnot - localising Brandish has been on XSeed's wishlist for a much much longer time than the 'late' release was even officially hinted at.

PSN: AzelaisPlaying: Goes! (VITA), Tales of Xillia 2 (PS3), Shin Megami Tensei (iOS). Disaster Report 3 (PSP) has another chance for rerelease? Xseed, get on this now. JP: Irem, Granzella Inc. JP: April 25, 2002. NA: February 15, 2003. EU: February 28, 2003. Disaster Report, known in Japan as Zettai Zetsumei Toshi (絶体絶命都市, The Desperate City) and in the PAL region as SOS: The Final Escape, is a PlayStation 2 survival action-adventure video game created by Irem.

It was released in Japan in 2002 by Irem, and in North America and Europe in 2003, localized by Agetec.[1] It is the first game in the Disaster Report series. The game deals with the characters' survival and escape from the slow collapse of an artificial island. While dodging falling buildings and debris from periodic earthquakes, the player must find a way off the island.

In addition, the main character, a reporter, must investigate the reasons for the disaster.[2]. HP is the character's health and QP is the amount of energy the character has left. QP can be restored by drinking water.

If the character becomes thirsty from running or other strenuous tasks, the player must provide the character with drinking water. If the player does not do this, the character begins to slowly lose health.[3] Water can be drunk from clean taps or from bottled water filled up along the way.

It is possible to give the character's companion water. Ultimately, the aim of the game is to move through the city avoiding hazards and finding new routes through seemingly impassable hazards. When an aftershock strikes, the player must make Keith crouch, to keep him stable and safe from harm. Customisation of equipment can help Keith, or in the case of certain accessories, change his appearance.

Items are stored in the players backpack, which has a limited number of slots, but larger backpacks can be collected. Friendly characters are unarmed. Keith is accompanied by various companions.[4] At one point, Keith has choice of companion, Karen or Kelly, both with different areas to explore and storylines to uncover.

There are seven possible endings to the game.[5]. The Japanese version is one of the few games to support the Rez Vibrator. The year is 2001. After ten years of construction, the government announces to the world the completion of a top-secret project based in the Pacific Ocean, known as Stiver Island (Capital Island in the Japanese version).

In a feat of revolutionary technology, the government used its top engineering talent to transform a minor spur of rock that barely stood above the ocean waves into a thriving man-made island, complete with a state-of-the-art metropolis called Capital City.

In June 2005, Keith Helm (Masayuki Sudō), the protagonist and player character is on his way to Capital City for the first time, to start his dream job as an editor for the prestigious Town Crier newspaper. Upon his arrival, an earthquake occurs. Soon after regaining consciousness, he comes across another survivor, Karen Morris (Mari Aizawa).


  • They travel together as strong aftershocks continue until they meet a man named Greg Bach (Kōji Jin'nai).
  • Further on, the group decides to split up.
  • Keith (the player) can either go with Karen to find her dog or go with Greg to help a girl named Kelly Austin (Natsumi Higa) find her brother Jason (Haruhiko).
  • No matter whether the player accompanies Karen or Greg, Keith ends up at the Town Crier building.