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Extract Data & Text From Multiple XML Files SoftwareThis software offers a solution to users who want to extract specific pieces of..$19.99DOWNLOAD. Extract LinkExtract Link is a link extractor utility to search and extract link (http, ftp,..$49DOWNLOAD. Extract Data & Text From Multiple PDF Files SoftwareExtract lines that contain specified text in one or many PDF files. Extract Data & Text From Multiple Text Files SoftwareExtract lines that contain specified text from one or more files. Extract lines..$29.99DOWNLOAD. +Extract+Extract is a Windows based software application that will allow you to extract..DOWNLOAD. DMG Extractor is a software that extracts DMG files from macOS to a format that is compatible to be read in Windows.

macOS uses DMG files to verify that the downloaded files are secure and not tampered with. These are file containers for MacOS files and require a third-party extraction tool like DMG Extractor to be read in Windows. DMG Extractor, like the name suggests, is a tool to extract DMG files for Windows.


This is a read-only program, available for free or a premium version, that cannot create a DMG file but only reads it for Windows. It can be download and installed on Windows devices, and is ready to use by simply importing the DMG files. The interface is simple and fuss-free, and extracting DMG files is the only functionality it has.

Alternatives to DMG Extractor include Universal Extractor, HFS Extractor, TransMac, Free iOS Converter, 7-Zip, Rar Password Cracker, Mac Drive, and more.

  1. Many of the other competitors, including TransMac, 7-Zip, Universal Extractor, are a lot more comprehensive in what they can extract and are not limited to just DMG files.
  2. One might argue that the functionality of DMG extractor is a niche for the purpose it serves, and does not complicate too many tasks in one program, however, it is mostly the case that people prefer to download a single program for many functions, rather than multiple programs to perform each function.
  3. This is where DMG extractor is vastly limited. In all probability, simple extraction programs like 7-Zip will be able to open the DMG files, but if it does not, that is when one needs to use DMG Extractor.
  4. The same is not true for the other way round, as there is very little DMG Extractor can do that 7-Zip cannot or Universal Extractor or TransMac cannot.

  5. You will see files or folders within the DMG file then, click button Extract to extract the DMG file.
  6. Alternatively, Right-click on DMG file on Windows Explorer

  7. And then, choose Extract files..., Extract Here, or Extract to "folder\" to extract the DMG file.
  8. Done

DMG Extractor is quick and easy to use, with a simple interface and features.

One needs to simply import the DMG files on to the software, and run the extraction, for them to be readable on Windows.

  • The extracted files can then be stored at a preferred destination.
  • DMG is basically the format used by macOS to archive the files, and DMG Extractor is a third-party program that can decompress these files to be accessed individually on Windows.
  • Since DMG files cannot open directly on Windows, this is a really good tool to have.

Free DMG Extractor

As mentioned earlier, while DMG Extractors serves its purpose of extracting DMG files on Windows, a number of other programs do that for a lot more than just this format. DMG Extractor is basically a read-only program that can extract the files but not create new DMG files on Windows, and it cannot extract files from any other formats.

Compared to this, other programs like 7-Zip, Universal Extractor, and more, are able to extract files from other formats like .zip, .rar, etc, as well.

  • Also, in the free version, DMG Extractor has limited features, and only allows 5 files to be extracted a time.
  • You can also not extract files more than 4GB, which means that it doesn’t work with bulk files too well.
  • Files that are encrypted can also not be unlocked using this program.
  • With all these limitations, there is very little that DMG Extractor can actually do, that other programs cannot.

From a purely cosmetic point of view, the look and feel of the program feels dated and is not designed to please the eye for sure.

  • It is functional but feels dated.
  • Surely not a sleek design, with multiple features, that one would expect.
  • Especially Mac users will find the design too clunky and uninspiring.

About Us

DMG Extractor is a functional software that extracts DMG files, archival files created on Macs, to readable files on Windows.

This extraction tool is easy to use, with straightforward functionality.

# mkdir -p /mnt/macimage

However, it doesn’t compare well to the other alternative programs available, as they offer a lot more options and flexibility.

# mount -o loop -t hfsplus image.dmg /mnt/macimage

The free version is also limited with the cap of 5 files or 4GB at a time.

# mount -o loop -t hfs image.dmg /mnt/macimage

Overall, if you just need your DMG files to be extracted, this program can be used.

# cd /mnt/macimage
# ls -l

But then, that same purpose can very easily also be solved by a 7-Zip, which allows extraction from other formats too.

# umount /mnt/macimage

Here is a list of best free DMG extractor software for Windows. These software allow you to extract and access data and files present in a DMG file.

A DMG file is basically a Disk Image file created in MAC OS X.

# yum install p7zip-full

It is primarily used to distribute MAC OS compatible software.

$ sudo apt-get install p7zip-full

This file can easily be mounted and accessed in MAC OS, but in Windows, you cannot open it or access its data using any native software.

$ 7z l image.dmg

Hence, in order to access DMG file data, you need these free DMG extractor software.

$ 7z x image.dmg
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