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Images have different formats as aJPG file, DMG file, or other formats depending on the user's device and version.

Part 6. How to Recover Deleted DMG Files on Windows and Mac?

What Is A DMG File?

Pros and Cons of DMG Files. How Does DMG File Work? How To Open DMG File on Mac? How To Open DMG File on Windows? How to Recover Deleted DMG Files on Windows and Mac. A DMG file stands for Disk Image File.

Any file with the extension of ".dmg" is an Apple Disk Image File. This image format is commonly used by macOS operating system. It is also referred to as a macOS X Disk Image file that is a digital reconstruction of a physical disc. Mac users from the internet usually download the file, and then an application can be installed by double-clicking it.

A disk image can be structured according to several disk properties, including Universal Disk Image Format (UDIF), from macOS X and New Disk Image Format (NDIF), from macOS 9. The use of DMG files is widespread as, around the globe, many people are Mac users, so they use this disk file extension.


The following section will cast light on the different pros and cons of DMG File Mac;.

The software can be easily backed up.

It is downloaded as a single file. Unlike other formats, DMG files can be secured with password protection. DMG Mac behaves like a physical disk. DMG files include a checksum in them. DMG files will not work on macOS 9 or any other old versions. Users shifting from macOS 9 might not know much about the disk images because it is a macOS X feature. DMG files may contain viruses or malware inside. The Disk Image File that benefits the macOS X users is a container that helps Mac users to install applications with great ease.

The user only has to drag and drop to install it.

This is how it works, and you are supposed to open a DMG file, drag the app to your Applications folder and then drop it. This saves a lot of time and effort that you put into the installation process of most apps. A fantastic thing about the working of a DMG file is that it has something known as a "Checksum" that verifies the files that are being downloaded.

The DMG File keeps an eye on the material file, and it makes sure that the file is downloaded correctly and is not tampered with.

It checks that the file is 100% intact. Hence, this is the main reason why macOS uses the DMG files. DMG files Mac are containers for applications in macOS that help mac users to install software easily. Still, some people don't know much about it, and they are unfamiliar with how to open DMG File Mac, so here's a little guideline for them;. Firstly, place the .dmg file on the front for which desktop is the preferred location.

Now, open Terminal on the Mac.

In case the Terminal does not open from the dock, then open it from Finder > Applications > Utilities. Once the Terminal has opened, type "cd ~/ Desktop" and press enter key to move onto the next statement line. In the next line, type "hdiutil attach googlechrome.dmg," and press Enter key and let it complete the action.

Don't forget to replace googlechrome with your actual .dmg file name. As DMG files are for MacOS X so, Windows cannot directly launch them. Windows natively do not support this format.

You need to make some arrangements to open DMG file Windows.

The following steps will help you to open the file easily;. You need to download 7-zip on your Windows computer and then install it. Now, please right-click on the file where it is installed. The click will open a menu. You are advised to select the 7-zip option. Once you select that, a subsequent menu will appear; click on the first option that is 'Open Archive.' After that's done, your file will open. You might accidentally delete any file that you still need to work with, but it's okay because humans make mistakes, and Wondershare Recoverit provides a miracle solution.

The largest and the most trustworthy platform has got the resolution of all file recovery problems, despite the file form and format.

Wondershare Recoverit has never let its users down. Wondershare Recoverit helps to recover files through "Data Recovery Feature." The powerful yet easy to use Windows data recovery software has some fantastic features that are;.

Part 2. Pros and Cons of DMG Files

The data recovery done by Recoverit is 100% safe, complete, and useful. It can recover deleted, lost, formatted, or inaccessible data. It covers a wide range of file formats that can be recovered, like any audio, video, music, photo, or even email from any storage device. Data recovery can be from recycle bin, memory card, hard drive, digital camera, camcorders, or even flash drives. This might seem difficult and new to some users, but we will ensure that you don't face any difficulty.

So, let's review its steps together;. Download and install Recoverit Data Recovery Software on your computers. Initially, the user is advised to select the hard disk drive from where the files got deleted to recover them.

Once you selected it, click on "Start," which is on the bottom right corner to begin scanning.

Recoverit will now scan all folders to fetch the deleted files in the selected drive. The scanning process depends on the size of the files within the drive.

If the files are too large, then scanning might take hours, but usually, it takes few minutes.

  • Now, you need to check the "Tree View" or "File View" categories in the Window because all the content found after scanning the drive will be displayed there.
  • You are now supposed to check and review the deleted files.
  • Once satisfied, mark all the files you want to recover and click on "Recover," visible in the screen's center.
  • And save the file to your desired location.
  • Sharing information with the user regarding a format that is only workable on macOS X, with its working, pros, and cons, can easily deal with DMG file if ever needed.
  • Also, informing the users about handling a DMG file on Windows as it does not support the format.
  • Importantly, telling the users about Wondershare Recoverit and its magical recovery software.
  • Yes, it is safe to delete DMG files, Mac. It does not harm any other thing.

Can DMG files be deleted after install? It's safe to delete a DMG file after it's installed. This is because the file is no longer required, and deleting it does not cause a problem.

Visit the official iTunes download page and click the download button.

After the downloading, double click the iTunes.dmg installer program and let the installation begin.

Click on the 'Close' button when the computer informs about the successful installation.