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Most people will put Assassins Creed 4 Black Flag near the top of their best Assassins Creed games list. This was a smash hit of a game and it remains a favorite for many people now, even though it over half a decade old, Black Flag still shines bright as one of the best entries in the entire franchise!

I have been with the series since the first game, but even I must admit that the story by the time we got to Black Flag was a convoluted mess! It was just straight-faced and took itself super serious.


With Assassins Creed 4 Black Flag, you still have a very well written story that unfolds as you play and the story is still at its heart about the Templars and Assassins.However, Black Flag is not as “uptight” as the previous games had been. I am not saying we have a comedy on our hands here to anything like that, but the whole game just feels more “fun” that the last couple of entries had at this point.One other thing the pirate setting allows for is a much more colorful and vibrant Assassins Creed game than we had seen before.


The couple that followed this were rather dreary looking in comparison, on a decent PC, even all these years later, you will be impressed at how this game looks. Before Assassins Creed IV was released people were very excited the reason for this was the setting.

As the name suggests, Black Flag is about being a pirate and it does it very, very well. You play as Edward Kenway and I found him to be a very likable character indeed. What is really cool about the game is that you are really free to play the game any way that you want. Now granted you will have to play through the story to move things along and get access to this fairly large world.

How to install the game Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag?

However, it is the side content in Assassins Creed IV Black Flag that I feel makes the game such a joy to play. You can just set sail on the high seas and take down any other ships that you come across to show that you are the ultimate pirate!You can just focus solely on the story if that is more your thing.

  • Or you can flex those explorer muscles as you try to find all of the Templar secrets that the game has.

Of which by the way, there are a ton for you to uncover. So, you can play this game and be the pirate you want to be and that is really cool. Back when this was first released, I had no complaints at all about the way Edward controlled.

  • His progression and the way you learn new things are handled well and for the most part, I can look past the game’s flaws.

I think flaw might be a bit of a harsh word actually, but if you have played Origins or Odyssey and are going back to this you will know what I am talking about.You have a lot of control over the way Edward moves, but he is just not as smooth as what the last two Assassins Creed games offer.

  • If you played this or any of the older games in the series, I am sure you will be fine with it.

If you are coming into this after only playing Assassin's Creed: Origins or Assassin's Creed: Odyssey then you may actually find the controls a tad on the clunky side.

  • Assassins Creed IV Black Flag is just as much now as it was when I first played it back on my launch PS4.

It offers a very fun story to play through and there is an absolute ton of side content here for you to mess around with. Another thing that I love about this game is how it is accessible to not just hardcore fans of the series, but you could as a newbie jump in and not feel lost.

Even now this is a fantastic looking game. You can play the way that you want to play. There are tons of secrets to find. It is one of the lighter-hearted games in the series. The open sea combat is pretty epic and exciting. Edward can feel a little clunky to control in places.

Game Review

There are some graphical clipping issues with some characters .

Video Gameplay

  • Overall rating: 8.5. Release: 2013 Developer: Ubisoft Montreal. The story of the assassins always develops 200-250 years ago, and this time we are dealing with the Caribbean pirates who founded a small corrupt republic in the Caribbean islands.
  • Inside one open location, there are several hundred Templars who obey the pirates and all the chaos that is happening in the shallow world of the republic.
  • Beatings, robberies, booze - this is a small part of what Edward Kenway - the main character, the assassin - will fight.
  • At the beginning of the game, we see the battle between the assassin and the Templar and stand up for a representative of our brotherhood.
  • From this moment, acquaintance with the plot and combat mechanics begins.
  • Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag. The British and Spanish empires, under the pretext of eliminating the pirates from the islands, are looking for the Sage to show them the way to the Observatory, where the device of the First Civilization is located.
  • Our hero, a contemporary of Desmond Miles, is a small projection of DNA that is used to validate the events in the film.

However, the hero plunges into the world of the golden age of piracy and completely changes the rising history of mankind.

System Requirements

  • The gameplay of the 4th part of the Assassins has not undergone major changes.
  • The graphics have remained the same: it tells in detail the story of an assassin who again decided to turn the fate of empires.
  • However, pistols, sabers and boarding weapons were added to the game, with which the player will skillfully cope.
  • A special addition to Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag is the possession of your own ship that you can control; it can be pumped while you travel between the islands.
  • Money is earned by looting and robbery, and new ammo and crew are replenished at the nearest port.
  • Also in the game there are famous pirate personalities.

Assassin's Creed takes to the high seas...

  • Blackbeard is already in action! Version: v 1.07. (max speed + fast connection).
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  • Release date: 2013.
  • Genre: Action / Games 2013. Developer: Ubisoft Montreal. Game version: 1.07.
  • Interface language: Russian, English.
  • Voice language: Russian, English.

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Tablet: Sewn (3DM). Publication type: RePack by xatab. Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag is an action-adventure video game developed by Ubisoft Montreal and published by Ubisoft.


It is the sixth major installment in the Assassin's Creed series.

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Its historical timeframe precedes that of Assassin's Creed III (2012), though its modern-day sequences succeed III's own.