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Are you going to use Adobe InDesign Mac version for the layout of books, magazines, newspapers and other printed media? The program is suitable for both individual users and professional printing houses and publisher offices. Learn a quick and safe way to download InDesign for Mac.

Universal program. Using Adobe InDesign, you can send ready-made original mock-ups for print on special printing equipment or ordinary all-in-one photo printers, as well as export finished mock-ups in digital formats.

Adobe InDesign 2021 v16.4 for Mac Free Download

Both ordinary users and those engaged in layout professionally can take advantage of the software. Convenient to use. Clearly understanding what an average user may need, the developers included a huge set of templates for all occasions.

Freebies for InDesign Mac Version

  • Moreover, if necessary, you can alter some of them, thus changing the entire layout of the document with one mouse click.
  • For those, who don’t rely on their artistic taste, there are ready-made color options (Font Schemes) - sets of harmonious shades that are implemented at the level of styles.
  • Quick project creation.
  • When creating a document in InDesign for Mac, you can choose any template instead, including those from AdobeStock, instead of using an empty document.

Templates contain resources that can be used to design a project. By opening a template in InDesign, you can work with it in the same way as with any other InDesign document.

Rich file formats support. InDesign software for Mac allows exporting in JPEG, EPS, INX, PDF (with a huge number of parameters) and other digital formats.

  • It is worth mentioning that the latest versions of Adobe InDesign come with the Publish Online tool, which allows you to publish the final document on any web resource.
  • Included in Adobe Creative Cloud.
  • This allows you to synchronize your files without problems, get access to cloud services and the Creative Cloud Libraries, and also keep the InDesign Mac up to date thanks to timely updates.
  • This is a huge advantage that sets the program apart from InDesign alternatives.
  • Read more about how to buy InDesign at the cheapest price. Unlike high-grade free Adobe software, InDesign for Mac has quite moderate system requirements.