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The Interwrite Learning CD contains the Interwrite Workspace software for both a Windows installation and a Mac installation. Interwrite Workspace must be installed on your computer before you can complete the installation of your Interwrite Board. Mount Your Interwrite Board Will this be a wall mount, or a floor stand mount?

InterWrite Software
Class Notes & Annotation Software

InterWrite software is a program developed for use with InterWrite SchoolBoard electronic whiteboards and wirelessSchoolPad pen input tablets.

The perfect teaching tool for combining electronic lesson content with handwritten notes and annotations
InterWrite enables you to easily create and organize; handwritten notes, typed text, electronic images and screen captures and save them as pages for presentation in class. During class, pages can be easily retrieved and presented, electronic notes added and then resaved for future use, printing and emailing.

With InterWrite software you can;

Use the SchoolBoard or SchoolPad pen as a wireless mouse
Using Bluetooth wireless technology, InterWrite allows you to control the classroom computer from the SchoolBoard or SchoolPad wherever they are located in the room. All left click and right click functions are available.
Write and save class notes electronically
InterWrite electronically captures handwritten notes from the SchoolBoard or SchoolPad and saves them as pages that can be edited, organized, printed and distributed as PDF documents or other standard image formats. In addition, electronic images can be inserted into note pages.
Take 'snapshots' of computer screens and add notes and annotations
With a click of InterWrite's toolbar, computer screens are copied and saved. Copy screens from websites or any software program such as PowerPoint and add information with electronic pens, highlighters and other annotation tools.
Add notes and annotations to any image files such as Bitmaps or JPGs
InterWrite allows easy integration of graphics and pictures into lesson and training materials. Any electronic image can be used as a background for annotation, creating endless possibilities for visual content.
Create standard backgrounds
InterWrite allows you to create a variety of standard backgrounds for note writing such as common blank whiteboard backgrounds, colored backgrounds and grids or ruled pages with any user defined spacing.
Easily edit and organize content into an electronic notebook of pages for printing, emailing and future class use
Organizing notes, images and annotated content is fast and easy with InterWrite's unique page organizer and sorter where all content pages are viewable in a single window. Print, email or export any or all pages in common formats such as PDF or HTML.
Download Interwrite Workspace For Mac

InterWrite Software - WhiteBoard and Interactive Operating Modes
InterWrite software can be operated in two different modes; Whiteboard Mode for electronic note writing with dry erase markers on SchoolBoards, and Interactive Mode for electronic note writing and content annotation on SchoolBoards or SchoolPads in use with LCD/DLP projectors.

InterWrite Software and SchoolBoards - Whiteboard Mode
With a SchoolBoard connected to a computer running InterWrite, dry-erase marker notes written on the SchoolBoard are saved with a press of a button. InterWrite stores each save operation as a 'snapshot' or image of the SchoolBoard notes into an electronic document that can viewed, organized, edited, printed or distributed as a PDF file or other standard format.

Handwriting, Annotation and Editing Tool
Colored pens• Typed Text
Colored highlightersInsert image files into note pages
• Draw colored lines and arrowsHandwriting to text conversion
Draw Shapes - squares, rectangles, circles, ellipsesText and image - copy, cut, paste, erase and rotate

Background Creation Tool
Blank pages - Create common white, or backgrounds of any color for note writing
Grided pages - Any color and grid spacing
Ruled pages - Any color and line spacing
• Screen Capture - Capture a window, area or entire screen from any website or software program
Import any common file format image such as Bitmaps or JPGs and use as a background for annotation

Download Interwrite Workspace For Mac Download

Electronic Notebook & Page Sorter Tools
Page Copy, Cut, Paste, Reorder and Retrieve to add additional notes and annotations
Email Note & Annotated pages
• Export Note & Annotated pages - HTML, PDF, JPG, BMP, PNG, TIFF formats
Print Note & Annotated pages

Program Requirements & Service

Download Interwrite Workspace For Mac Download

Free Technical Phone Support

Free Download Software Updates

System Requirements Windows 95 (serial only), 98, Me, NT (serial only), 2000, and XP. MAC OS X

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