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Jun 22, 2020 You may choose between two male voices and a female voice and you may have the text read aloud automatically when you paste or you may have it read only after you have clicked play. Author's review ReadPlease 2003 (Free Edition) offers full support for all Microsoft voices, reads text via Windows clipboard from any program and has adjustable. While the new Acapela (R) voices work only with TextAloud and's other '-Aloud' product lines, also offers a special option for those who wish to purchase premium voices independently, as well. 'We are often asked about SAPI-compatible versions of these voices that will work with other Windows programs,' comments Ellis.

Text-to-Speech software is used to convert words from a computer document, e-mails or web pages into audible speech spoken through the computer speaker. This would be helpful to people who need or want aural verification of what they are seeing in print.

Text-to-Speech Reader application will read your documents out loud in one of its many high quality voices. Let your computer read most documents with Natural Voices and convert text to MP3, or text to WAV files, text to audio files.

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Some Text-to-Speech reader is compatible with the AOL, AIM, ICQ, and MSN Messenger clients. Now when you chat with your buddies online you will hear what they say instead of just reading it.

Download Natural Voices For Textaloud

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TextAloud 2.218 is a Text To Speech product from, get 5 Stars SoftSea Rating, TextAloud converts any text into spoken words. It can read Text, Email, Web Pages, and documents using your choice of computer voices. The Text to MP3/WMA conversion can save text documents in audio format that can be downloaded to your portable MP3 player. Listen to email, online news, or important documents while you exercise, work or commute. TextAloud also supports ATT natural voices, however they...

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