Empire Total War Blood Mod

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eat_at_joes14513 years ago#1
Thought I would post a blood mod for E:TW here:
Not really a "gore" mod, it only adds a spurt of blood when soldiers are hit by cannon fire. The smoke addition is excellent though, it's awesome seeing the haze of battle and smoking cannon divots all around the battlefield.
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This plus the music mod makes the game ten times more satisfying. I would recommend them to anyone playing this game. The addition of more smoke along with the fife and drums to battlefield makes it really feel like it should. The music you get with the music mod has the same effect on the campaign map.
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do the mods interefere with MP play?Like if I had the mod and someone else didnt would it still work for me?
I have to say, the blood mod is really cool. It's quite entertaining to watch your light infantry get headshot after headshot on some line infantry
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One of the guys was saying that the smoke mod might kill performance on a 2v2 battle. If you wanna go MP there is also the light smoke mod which doesn't keep the smoke as long so it doesn't sap as much performance.
I think it will work for you, just teh same as someone with low graphics would be fine if you had your graphics up to ultra. It only affects the look of the game, not the way the battles work.
"forget you people, you don't understand, I'm done with this"-X-Japan

If you could give me a link to the music mod, I'd really appreciate it.

Beesters13 years ago#8

alright d/l the blood patch I will get back to you all with my thoughts...saw the video, makes the game more entertaining...also thinking about adding the music...thanks for the head sup TC

Too bad im completely useless when it comes to messing with files and have no idea how to install the smoke/blood/music mod

Plz give step by step instructions! i want these sooo badz :cry:

Just download the .pack files and put them in your Empire/Data folder. Well worth it.
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