Empire Total War Blood



  • Can Hide in Woodland. Can Hide in Light scrub.
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  • Resistant to Heat Fatigue. Paths Seldom Trod.
    Can Hide in Long Grass. Blackfoot Blood Warriors are a type of melee infantry in Empire: Total War. Armed with axes and a distinct lack of fear, the Blackfoot Blood Warriorsare fearsome foes indeed. Blackfoot Blood Warriors charge headlong into enemy lines bellowing fearsome war cries to terrify their enemies.
  • They are experts at hand-to-hand fighting, and little use for anything else.
    Even the clothes they wear are designed to frighten and intimidate: Blood Warriors wear traditional war shirts emblazoned with symbolic representations depicting their victories in battle.
    These give the wearer the protection of the Spirits.
  • They also provide an illustrated guide to all the reasons why an enemy should know fear!
    Warrior societies played a key role in the day to day life of young Native Americans. The Blackfoot Blood Warrior society, or “aiinikiks” (meaning “all comrades”), was a “graded” society.
    When a group of boys reached fighting age they would present the most junior members of the society with gifts in order to “purchase” positions.
  • Once a deal had been struck between two fighters they would smoke a pipe to seal the deal.
    The warrior that had sold his position would then present gifts to a man in the grade above him, and move up in status.
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    maybe when a guy gets stabbed he bleeds?i never paid attention but maybe
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    Think it's an ESRB mistake, just like "Alcohol, smoking and violent faces" being prevalent in the game (something the UK's PEGI rating seems to have missed out).
    Feel free to check out my Steam guide on naval combat in E:TW
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    ok well ill just get the blood and smoke mod to subsitute. thanks!
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