About Us

We are Merchin.
A user built platform for music merch.
Buy. Sell. Catalogue. It's your experience.
You are Merchin. 

What was your first connection to music? Do you remember? Most do… some of our earliest memories are intertwined with the magic of music; it can either make you forget… or remember. Just like that. 

And that’s why we built this platform. It’s a database for the music lovers and we’re the merchandise matchmakers.

🎸How many times have you gone to a show and the next day realized you forgot to purchase the shirt?

🎸Wish you could relive those moments from your past with a bit of memorabilia?

🎸Want to decorate your home with the best silk-screen concert posters around?

🎸Did you lose your pins or patches from the 80’s and want to show your kids just how cool you really were (are)?

🎸Do you simply want to upgrade your wardrobe?

We’ve got you. Listen, there’s web shops and auction sites out there but they are not like us. They are insanely priced and they aren’t about you, the true fan. 

WE are a fan platform designed by fans for fans… 

Our mission is to catalogue music in the right way, and with your help, we can do just that. We have a passion for music and band merch, and by creating a dedicated space for music addicts, we can bring fans together. 

This is also why Merchin is free and open to all users. We invite you to contribute, search, find, compare, trade and most of all, enjoy the music merch we love so much.

Merchin Marketplace connects merch sellers and buyers across the globe. No matter if you are an artist, record label representative, festival organiser or a fan, you can trade any music merch via Merchin Marketplace. 

From pins to patches, t-shirts to posters, and everything in between, Merchin is the premier platform for band memorabilia. 

Because the Marketplace is linked to the ever evolving Merchin catalogue, it is easy for sellers to list their inventory and buyers are able to specify the exact version they want.

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How does it work?


Create your online profile by clicking HERE >> https://merchin.co/en/signup/

Use the email associated with your PayPal account (you only need to do this once)

Set your shipping rates to buyers.

🎸 List a new item for sale in the Marketplace. 


Add item details (required fields are marked with an asterisk *)

Agree to Terms

Click ‘ADD ITEM’

You’re on your way to your first sale on Merchin!

🎸 Cataloging Items

You can also list a non-sale item; non-sale items, together with sold out items are catalogued. 

For listing a non-sale item, you need to untick the ‘FOR SALE’ box at the top of the listing page and fill in the relevant fields.

🎸 Adding in Bulk

Data must be stored in Excel file (.CSV), 

Directly import to the Merchin database or catalogue  depending on wich fields are filled-in in the Excel file. 

To begin, click the IMPORT ITEMS button.

🎸 Notification of Sales

Wait for an email from Mechin confirming purchase (and from Paypal confirming the payment). 

You can see your sold items under ‘your sales’ category in your account (sign in located in the top right corner)

Complete your shipping to the buyer.

🎸 Merchin fee

Merchin charges a 5% fee off the price of your item, after you complete the sale. 

Once a month, Merchin will issue you an invoice with your previous month’s fees. 

Please note that you have 10 days to make payment from the day that we issue you your invoice. 

If there are any issues with your invoice, contact the Merchin team who will assist you in resolving your concern.

If you are a seller located within Japan or the European Union, Merchin is required to charge VAT for all Merchin sales fees (not for the order itself).


🎸 Click on the item you are interested in purchasing.

On the product page, click on the “BUY THIS ITEM" button.

Choose the seller and click on the “ADD TO CART” button.

Click on the CART icon, click on the PAY THIS SELLER button 

Select country of destination. 

The system will calculate your shipping costs based on your location. 

Do not forget to specify the size or the colour of the purchased items should the seller have multiple options available.

Complete your purchase (by paying via PayPal).

You’re set! Your item is on it’s way!

Contact us

Write us at info@merchin.co or use the form below