Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy (hereinafter Merchin) will process user’s personal data (hereinafter Personal data) with due diligence. Personal data is data received from users (hereinafter the User) upon their registration as a User or collected in any other way when using the Website (name, e-mail address, location, phone number). Other ways for collecting data is saved by the Website when monitoring User’s activities on the Website (e.g. IP-address, web browser, operating system, etc.).

Personal data will be processed for the purposes and the extent provided for by these terms or by law. Merchin may use the Personal data for providing, developing and personalising the Service (e.g. storing User’s preferences of items, or language etc.). Merchin will not disclose or transfer Personal data to third parties, except in the cases provided by the Terms or by law.

The User grants a consent for processing the Personal data by Merchin when checking a "I agree to the Terms" checkbox. Only Users who have agreed to the Privacy Policy can be registered Users.

The User can withdraw their consent anytime by terminating their user account on Merchin. Withdrawal of consent has no retroactive effect.

Merchin complies with the EU General Data Protection Regulation.

For any questions about your privacy or security at Merchin, please send an email to our customer service department at: and include your name and email address in the message.