Fellowes Neato Cd Labels Software


The three softwares are:.

Our Online Design Software. Our PC Based download software (we give you instructions on downloading and installing it). A Photoshop type program that is free to use with our Photoshop templates.

  • NOTE: We are still working on some features in our new online software and fixes. For example, you can not save a design but we are working on that.
  • Please click the link below to download the latest version of the Mediaface 5 program andsavethe file to your computer:.

After the download has completed, go to your desktop and right-click on the file you saved, and select RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR. It will begin the installation of Mediaface 5.

During the installation, you'll be asked to enter a serial number.

Use this Serial Number below to install the program, and the Trial version will be converted into the full version, which will not expire:.

Serial Number: 171 HEW 2Q K5. There are many very useful, unadvertised features in the Mediaface 5 program, and a good way to become familiar with them is to read the User's Manual(s).

, linked below:. There are many very useful, unadvertised features in the Mediaface 5 program, and a good way to become familiar with them is to read the User's Manual(s).
Standard CD/DVD Complete

- --Illustrator
- MS Word

Full Coverage CD/DVD

- --Illustrator
- MS Word

Full Coverage Complete CD/DVD

- --Illustrator
- MS Word


- --Illustrator
- MS Word

, linked below:(Adobe Acrobat - 3.5 MB):User's Manual for the MediaFACE 5 Advanced Mode(Adobe Acrobat - 1.5 MB):. User's Manual for the MediaFACE 5 Printing Plug-In(Adobe Acrobat - 684 KB):. HOW TO DOWNLOAD THE IMAGE GALLERIES IN OUR MEDIAFACE PC SOFTWARE. You will need to download the zip files that have the images and then copy them to a folder in MediaFACE that is on your PC.

You will need to add a few folders so that the program can read where the images are.

Here are the steps. 1) Go to this link to see all the image zip files http://webbackend.neato.com/Images/.


All the zip files have images in them. Click on one of the zip files, for example, Beer Bottle Label Images.zip.

A pop up will display so you can save the zip to your PC somewhere. I would then repeat this process to download all the zip files. 2) Find the zip files on your PC and then right click on each folder and select extract files.

This will make a folder of the images (NOTE - it will make a double folder - for example, Beer Bottle Label Images.zip will make a new folder called Beer Bottle Label Images and then when you click on that folder it will have a new folder called Beer Bottle Label Images and within that folder will be the images.

For copying the entire folder in the next step below, you need to copy the second folder, not the first folder.

3) Find the folder Fellowes in your program files directory. Then click on MediaFACE 5.0, then click on settings. You will now need to create a new folder here called Images. Once you create that folder, click on it, then you need to create a new folder called Image Library, click on that and then create a new folder called Cliparts.

Then click on Cliparts. All the image folders that you extracted from the zip files (second folders remember) will be placed in the Cliparts folder.

Here is a screenshot below. NOTE: Do not change any folder or image names, they need to be exactly how they were download.

Once this is done, you will be able to see the images in MediaFACE 5. When you want to import one of these images, here is a screenshot of how you do this. Once you click on From file, you just need to find the folder on your PC.
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