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  1. Free Submarine Games For Pc On Windows 10

Submarine Attack Free. ‪Five Star Apps vAlexey Kropotin‬. Navigate your submarine around the globe through 24 dangerous levels. Encounter, engage and attack enemy strategic submarines, corvettes and heavy missile cruisers using a variety of weaponry. From the air the enemy naval vessels are aided by helicopters and jet fighters that you must overcome as well, while carefully avoiding the minefield quickly building up around you in the ocean deep. Submarines game for pc free download. Games downloads - Submarines by TERMINAL Studio and many more programs are available for instant and free download.

Free Nuclear Submarine War Games. Ww2 Submarine Games Free Online. Submarine Pc Games Windows 10. Submarine War Games. Take control of a uboat U-48 and patrol the North Atlantic. Hunt Allied convoys and avoid escort groups. Return to Kiel bunkier to load torpedoes and upgrade your uboat.

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  • 3 Best Alternatives for submarine simulator: Naval Warfare

Submarine games for PC are simulator its player has full control over the submarine and every activity it makes. The form of this game enables the player to go on a series of missions and each mission having a featured number of obstacles and encounters with an objective to attack and sink surface ships and to survive counterattacks by enemy ship destroyers.

Price: Free
Operating system: PC
Application Category: Utility

Key Features:

  • The amazing and realistic graphics with easy controls but intriguing and complex premises.
  • The ability to select the type of submarine and missile when in an encounter with the enemy.
  • The game is fun and full of extremely entertaining action.
  • The game consists of 3d radars and periscope view
  • It consists of lengthy submarine warfare and a high premium of game playing skills.


  • Increase in mental sharpness and alertness.
  • Basic intelligence on how to operate a submarine.
  • Enhance reasoning and an underwater battle strategy.
  • Cool graphics
  • The game requires no internet connection


  • Time-consuming.
  • Obsession.
  • Only for arcade submarine lovers.
  • A bit limited in its scope.
  • Simple to play

Get for Android

Download It

each level has a submarine style skill that should be used to play it. with easy navigations and toggles, you bare in complete control of the submarine. you use the navigations o direct the submarine while at the same time making direct and accurate aims on ships. with a radar feature, you can know what is in view or in the range of the submarine even though it is below sea. when the sub is close enough to the surface, a set of gauges showing depth and course, and a boat plan showing torpedo, sub damage to various and other in-game issues that may arise.

lots of levels each with its own unique tsk level

The game provided tons of special levels and in which you reach by passing or succeeding the previous level. In each level as you play there will be coins and valuables to pick up, as spoils from war. This enhances your Marine bank, enabling you to buy better ships and better torpedo and ammunition. it requires constant upgrade to the submarine as levels get tougher.


you are provided with a set of basic hints at the first stage of the game. This brings you gradually to the awareness of the game. As your first set of levels would not be complex.

Daily rewards

There are a lot of coins and bonuses released in the game environment that help you rise to higher levels.

How to install and play submarine simulator

The game is really interesting and attractive. It could be played on your PC, Android and other devices.

How to install

  1. Install and activate your Google play store.
  2. Run the installer
  3. Go to the search bar at the top center, search for the submarine simulator.
  4. Click the icon or application then click install on the Google play screen
  5. Once the installation is complete, go to your list of installed apps then click on the submarine simulator icon.
  6. You’re all done, enjoy playing submarine simulator on your PC.

How to play

  1. Become a real submarine commando
  2. Explore the ocean
  3. Take the naval battle
  4. Select a right submarine and bring down enemy warships it submarines to win the war.
  5. Provision for instructions is given, as there is the availability of controls displayed on the game environment. Each control or navigation button has an effect and a purpose. The radar is displayed above the screen in the game environment with a periscope option at the top left corner of the game environment. Your amount of earnings is displayed on the top right m, while your navigation and attack formation bottoms are in place for you at the bottom of the game environment as well as your submarine assessment; engine strength and armory.


If you love arcade submarine and warfare games, I would recommend this game because of its intense and calculative war environment. It increases your alertness and alacrity, building your mind to be expectant if anything with reviews on how to captain a submarine. The game also gives an insight of the battles of old and to the younger generation, an experience of the ancient world wars through submarines. This game could lead to future Submarine Captains and Commandos.

Frequently asked questions

Free Submarine Games For Pc On Windows 10

• What does the word submarine simulator mean

submarine simulator is a game that gives the feel of being in an underwater device known as the submarine. it is derived from the joint meaning of sub which is under, marine which is related closely to the sea and the simulator stands for the whole experience connected to it. it is a machine designed to provide a realistic imitation of the controls and operation of a vehicle, aircraft, or other complex system, used for training purposes.

• Can I start the game again after reaching the end?

No you cannot. After finishing the games last level, it stays that way. The only way to start the game all over is by deleting the app and reinstalling to start again from the first level.

• What happens with coins and Stars earned, if you uninstall and reinstall the app?

All coins earned would be lost at the result of the deleting the app and reinstalling it. You’ll start all over again to re-challenge yourself and still attain you high level.

Best Alternatives for submarine simulator: Naval Warfare

Just like any other game, submarine simulator: Naval warfare has similar alternatives as explained below

1. World of submarine: Navy shooter 3d war game

World of submarine 3d war game is an interesting and addictive 3d war game simulator with an immense multiplayer effect, just as the submarine simulator: Naval warfare. The game is available on PC and Android.

To download and install

  • Go through your browser, type search world of submarines: navy shooter 3d war games
  • It’ll pop as first link on your web page.
  • Click on it and install.
  • For easier download, use the Google play store.

2. Submarine pirates

This is one of the best underwater simulator games. It’s extremely realistic environment and view is what makes it outstanding. It is available on PC, iOS and Android.

how to download and install the application on your PC

  • • Go through your browser, type download submarine pirates.
  • • It’ll pop up on your web page in association with the Google play store.
  • • Click on it and install it.
  • • use the google store to search out the app, it is easier to download from here.

3. Russian submarine Navy war 3d

The Russian Submarine Navy war 3d is an action game with its outstanding features of easy controls and navigation. The game’s features in relation to the submarine environment is impressive. This game is available for you PC and Android.

To download and install

  • Through your browser search, Russian submarine Navy war 3d
  • Select the link
  • Click on the yellow button to download.
  • For ease use your Google play store search.
  • Install
  • Once the installation is complete click on the icon.
  • You’re good to go. Have a special action time in the world of submarines.


Submarine games for PC Naval warfare is a game worth it. With its amazing features it increases your target accuracy and alertness. This simulator could lead to future Marines.

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