Hackintosh Yosemite Dmg


Improves compatibility with certain email servers when using Mail. Fixes an issue in Photos that prevented importing videos from GoPro cameras. Fixes an issue in QuickTime Player that prevented playback of Windows Media files. With Photos you can:. Browse your photos by time and location in Moments, Collections, and Years views.

Navigate your library using convenient Photos, Shared, Albums, and Projects tabs. Store all of your photos and videos in iCloud Photo Library in their original format and in full resolution. Access your photos and videos stored in iCloud Photo Library from your Mac, iPhone, iPad, or iCloud.com with any web browser.

Perfect your photos with powerful and easy-to-use editing tools that optimize with a single click or slider, or allow precise adjustments with detailed controls. Create professional-quality photo books with simplified bookmaking tools, new Apple-designed themes, and new square book formats. Purchase prints in new square and panoramic sizes. It's easy to upgrade your iPhoto library to Photos - just launch the app to get started. To learn more about Photos, please visit: https://www.apple.com/osx/photos/.

This update also includes the following improvements:.

Adds over 300 new Emoji characters.

Adds Spotlight suggestions to Look up.

Prevents Safari from saving website favicon URLs used in Private Browsing.

Improves stability and security in Safari. Improves WiFi performance and connectivity in various usage scenarios. Improves compatibility with captive Wi-Fi network environments. Fixes an issue that may cause Bluetooth devices to disconnect.

Improves screen sharing reliability. Redesigned interface. Completely new. With OS X Yosemite, we set out to elevate the experience of using a Mac. To do that, we looked at the entire system and refined it app by app. Feature by feature. Pixel by pixel. And we built great new capabilities into the interface that put need-to-know information at your fingertips.

The result is that your Mac has a fresh new look, with all the power and simplicity you know and love.

If you’re using Windows currently then you can use TransMac to Restore, (which is included in the Niresh’s Yosemite Download Page)Please view the video instructions to restore the image using TransMac

Setting up BIOS is very important to use hackintosh, without proper Bios settings your computer will not boot Mac OS X
Read the article Hackintosh BIOS Configuration to setup your BIOS

Now Boot from the Pen driveChameleon Boot-loader will be loaded

To use a custom kernel you just have to type the correct kernel name listed in above example to Boot with AMD kernel

then press the Enter key Now boot From the Volume Yosemite-Zone

Now boot From the Volume Yosemite-ZoneThere is a possibility of Instant reboot for custom kernel users as the kernel may not install automatically but 99% of users doesn’t need this step and safely ignore thisto fix it after Installation Do Not Reboot Open TerminalI assume that the kernel you used as haswell and The Installation Volume where you installed Mac as “Mac OS”(Replace following code variables with appropriate kernel and volume name)

Then reboot

Sometimes if the USB flash light stopped after a few seconds you may have to use the following BootFlags

If it stops in a line where is says PCI Configuration Begins

Sometimes booting with -x (Safe Mode may fix graphics glitching issues)If your mother contains one of the following CPU Sockets use the appropriate BootFlags

When you are at the OS X Installation ScreenSelect your languageOpen Disk Utility

Mac and iOS are connected like never before. Use a Mac or an iOS device, and you can do incredible things.

Select the Volume where you want to Install OS X from Left SideBarErase it as “Mac OS X Extender (Journaled)” – Journaled is Better (Erasing is similar to Format in Windows)

Customizing the Installation PackagesCustomizing may be required to resolve errorsIf you have booted with any special flags example like USBBusFix=Yes, npci=0x2000, ….then select the relevant package for it or else you have to use the same boot flag after the Installation

Chameleon will be installed as default boot loader but you can choose Clover if you can manage it or you can give it a try
Clover UEFI is not recommended in this release because it cause some issues in many computersNetwork and Audio Kexts (Kexts are drivers) will be auto installedGraphics may become a problem if your Graphics card or Graphics chipset is not supportedyou may end in Black / Grey Screen or Monitor Turn Off Issue to resolve it ReInstall Yosemite with all the Backup GraphicsExtensions package selected (If you want to resolve it without a reinstallation you can use the “grafix” solution found in this article click Here)

Most of the Chipset kexts are installed to ensure it boots in every system without troubleFakeSMC is the most Required kext for Hackintosh Do not unselect itAfter Customizing Click OK and Select Continue to InstallAfter the Installation The System will RebootIf you run into any Installation Error Save the Installer Log to a Some Pen drive and Create a new topic in the forum (It is very important to attach the Installer Log)

Use them together, and you can do so much more. Because now OS X and iOS 8 enable brilliant new features that feel magical and yet make perfect sense.

After the Installation There are chances you may run into a few issuesBlack / Grey Screen, Monitor Turn Off Issues & Missing Bluetooth Controller TransportTo fix reinstall with all the Backup Graphics Extensions Packages Selected or take a look at

Fix Grey/Black/White Screen HackintoshFakeSMC: [Fatal] failed to initialize SMC device ErrorDSMOS has arrived / waiting for DSMOS[Still waiting for root device(http://www.hackintosh.computer/?p=59)

PCI Configuration Begin: to fix it you may have to boot with the following Boot Flags

(In my personal experience i was stuck in PCI Configuration Begin with the boot-arg npci=0x2000 but give it a try)Errors (Kernel Panic) related to VooDoo HDA / AppleHDA
ReInstall & In the Customize section Unselect Auto Install Audio KextsErrors (Kernel Panic) related to AppleIntelE1000, AppleBCM, ALXEthernet, Brcm, Attansic and Realtek ethernet & WifiReInstall & In the Customize section Unselect Auto Install Network Kexts

In some rare cases you may loop in user account creation menu or suddenly you will be asked for username and passwordIt is a program that runs after 10 minutes automatically to check if you have created the user account successfullyif it detects you have created an account it will Exit but if you haven’t created an account with in 10 min or if you are stuck in account creation loop, Keyboard not found problem just wait 10 minutesAfter that a windows will ask username and password

Enter these value Login create an administrator account and use the created administrator account for your daily needs using OS X as root is dangerousNote that the password will be changed to niresh only if you don’t create the account with in the 10 minutes from boototherwise the password remains as same as the one which apple set for root account

About the rumors:Some may say Distros are bad may contain malware, spyware that may be truebut Hackintosh.Zone previously called Niresh has been trusted for 4 years by the community of more than 160K MembersIf you want to check if it contains some bad malware you can just check it by Installing Little Snitch and Monitor your Internet TrafficThis distro contains some additional kexts which you may not require and some may say that why install unnecessary kexts & stuffsthose additional stuffs be inactive if your system doesn’t have the hardware but what if your mother board gone damaged and replaced with a new model, you can just simply plug the hard disk and run the OS X as same as before without Reinstalling and setting up entire computer once againThe Time of Installing Mac with a Retail DvD Image is gone, This is your Easy choiceif you trust me Im always with youI have spent a lot of sleepless nights while making this InstallerIf this Installer helped you please consider a contribution to support further developments and maintaining Hackintosh Zone website (The current dedicated server cost 100$/month)by donating with PayPal with USD or GDB

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