Hackintosh Yosemite Zone

OS X Yosemite (10.10) is the latest OS X release of 2014 by apple,but Apple locks the operating system to only be installed in genuine Apple computers known as Macintosh & they cost a lotany how there is always a way if you want to install the operating system in your common pc, without paying high cost for a real mac you can make a Hackintosh.
We have previously covered the article for Installing Niresh Mavericks on PCif you’re interested in Installing Mac OS X Yosemite on PC this article is for you, You may experience many problems while trying to Install Hackintosh, most of them can be fixed easily most troubleshoot informations are included in this guide so first just read all Instructions once before starting any procedures.
Few Notes about this OSX 10.10 & 10.10.1 (Intel & AMD Supported)Standalone Installer (This image also can be used with a genuine mac as a standalone Installer)LGA 2011 Partial Support (Go for 10.10.1 Image)MBR PatchedTrim Patched Installation and Post InstallationXPCM PatchRTC Patch (CMOS Reset Patch)Auto Install Audio KextsAuto Install Network KextsInstalls Clover & Chameleon Boot-loaderMany more patches fixes etc, etc you’ll love it 🙂.
What is UEFI and how it is useful for Hackintoshing. You need a 8GB Pen drive.
An existing computer with Windows or Mac. Download Niresh’s Yosemite ImageVersion 10.10.1 Image is Highly Recommended. You must Download the DMG file to prepare a Bootable USBThe ISO File is to use with VMWare / Virtual BOX / Virtual Machine or If your computer doesn’t support USB Booting (it wont fit on 4.7 DvD)Then prepare the Bootable USB.
If you’re using a Macintosh or Hackintosh currently then download the Yosemite restore package (which is included in the Niresh’s Yosemite Download Page)copy the package to the same location where Yosemite-Zone.dmg existthen open the Yosemite Restore package and Install it to the 8GB/+ Pen drivePlease view the video instructions to restore the image with Mac OS X.
Installing Hackintosh Yosemite in Unsupported INtel Processors and Most AMD Processors. Fix DSMOS has arrived and waiting for DSMOS Hackintosh.
[How to Fix Still Waiting for Root Device in Hackintosh].
Written with StackEdit. Posted by6 years ago. This is my first post on r/hackintosh, and I wanted to share how I got Yosemite Zone 10.10.1 up and running as many people think OS X won't run on AMD APUs.
Here are my specs:. Gigabyte GA-F2A68HM-DS2H. Crucial Ballistix Sport 4 GB DDR3. WD 320 GB HDD (Windows). Seagate 250 GB HDD (OS X). I used the boot flags /amd, -v, npci=0x2000, GraphicsEnabler=No. After it finished installing to the HDD of my choice, I did get "Undefined Error 0", but I restarted and booted from the HDD with the boot flag npci=0x2000, and I was at the desktop!
I am still searching for a kext for Ethernet, but I did find a kext for my Realtek RTL8188EU USB WiFi adapter. Unfortunately, APU graphics are not supported by OS X.
The system will still install and work, but it runs quite slow. I am probably going to return to this post and update everyone once I buy a graphics card, but I am currently not in the financial situation where I can splash some money on a nice quality card that works with OS X (I'm a student). Hopefully this helps anyone out there who has an AMD APU!
EDIT: I recently bought an EVGA GeForce GTX 210.