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The Nigerian movie Industry, Nollywood, is one that has a lot to its name. A multitude of movies are released in Nollywood every year. When you are a fan of the industry, keeping track of these movies would be difficult. Finding a website to download these movies for free is even more difficult.

However, by the time you’re done reading this article you’d be surprised at how easy it is to download Nollywood movies from the net. I have watched countless number of Nollywood movies over the years, especially the classics.

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IrokoTv.Com: Watch NollyWood Movies Online FREE by Jide Ogunsanya updated October 8, 2017, 5:19 am 11 Comments I am delighted to introduce to you, a newly launched website, where you can be watching your favorite Nollywood movies on the Internet. To download latest nollywood movies and TV series, sign up on IROKOTV today and get unlimited access to downloads. Once you download the app, follow the onscreen instruction and register your phone number. Subscription to gain access to download is as low as 3,000 naira for one year, 2,000 naira for 6months. Without wasting much time, let’s have a look at these Ghanaian movies making headway in the Ghanaian movie and cinema scene. A husband for Daddy. This movie is written and directed by Shirley Frimpong Manso and stars the likes of Jackie Appiah, Yvonne Okoro, Andrew Tandoh Adote, John Dumelo, James Gardiner, Joselyn Dumas and Kofi Adjorlolo.

Is an on-demand streaming video platform for public libraries and universities that offers films and documentaries. Kanopy's subdivision, Kanopy Kids, includes children's programming; all Kanopy member accounts have access to Kanopy Kids. 10+ websites to download Nollywood movies for free. Having been nicknamed the Netflix of Africa, Iroko Tv is one of the best sites that allows its users to watch any kind of Nigerian movie and download it for free. This company was founded by a man called Jason Njoku and launched in 2011.

Do you want to download the latest Nollywood movies to watch offline? Are you interested in high quality Nollywood movies? Would you like to download Nollywood movies for free?

If your answers to these questions are yes, then this guide is definitely for you. Subscription based apps as well as free websites to download Nollywood movies have been revealed in this article for educational purposes.

Let’s get started!

  • Apps to Download Latest Nollywood Movies Online
    • YouTube App & YouTube Go App

Nollywood Overview

I remember when I started watching Nollywood movies, I had to buy CDs at a fixed rate. After a while, the CD wouldn’t play smoothly due to the scratches on it. So, I’d head back to get a new one from the market, that’s if I actually enjoyed watching it though. I’m sure many of us have similar experiences. I still have some old CDs at home, just wasting away.

The internet has made things easier. You don’t have to head to the market to get a movie, simply download or even stream online. That’s been a major advantage to the industry. You hardly find movies on CDs nowadays. For Nollywood blockbusters, you may even prefer to watch them in local cinemas.


When you go to the Nigerian cinemas closest to you, like Kada cinemas, Filmhouse cinemas, Genesis Deluxe, Ozone Cinemas and Silverbird cinemas, you’d be surprised at how many people are interested in watching the latest Nollywood movies. I was informed it’s similar in neighbouring countries where Nollywood movies are aired. The movies on the showtimes can give you an idea of the latest movies you may want to see.

Download Free Movies To Laptop

Downloading Latest Nigerian Movies Online

I usually prefer to download Nollywood movies, instead of streaming or watching them in the cinemas. I enjoy highly rated ones. That’s because when I’m particularly found of a movie, I do watch them (in part or full) over again. When you want to download a movie online, I’d suggest you follow ethical methods. You don’t want producers to go hungry after the hard work.

There are a thousand and one apps as well as websites on the internet that would tell you they have Nollywood movies, but today we’d be talking about the most used ones. I’m sure you’d want to download a Nollywood movie from a platform that doesn’t have tons of Ads, and one that wouldn’t steal your personal information. I definitely would want same.

Apps to Download Latest Nollywood Movies Online

Smartphones are built so handy for communicating with people, and achieving simple tasks online. It’s no surprise, we have so many smartphone users in Nigeria, and Africa at large.

For that reason a lot of users prefer to watch movies on their phones even when they have PCs. So we’d be looking at the best smartphone apps to download Nollywood movies to watch at your leisure.

Amazon Prime

The Amazon prime is a cool platform to download Nollywood movies. Whether you are using an android phone or an Apple product, Amazon Prime is a nice app to have. You can download Nollywood series on the app. When you have the app installed, it’s so easy to set up an account. Simply search for a movie you’d like to watch, and hit the download button. While in the app, there’s a page that shows information about the movie, you could read that too.

It’s important to mention that Amazon Prime is a subscription based app. If you are using an Apple gadget, simply connect the app to your iTunes for charges. Android users can use Google Pay.

Amazon Prime is not available for PC users, but you could cast movies from your mobile to PCs or TVs using Chromecast. Also, not every content on Amazon Prime is available for download. But majority of them are. You’d definitely enjoy using Amazon Prime.

iRokoTV Mobile App

iRokoTV mobile app is one of the oldest apps for downloading Nollywood movies. I remember when Jason Njoku talked about the iRokoTV during the release in 2011, it got my attention. Started using it two years later, until my cousins weren’t around to share their passwords. I have no regrets by the way.

iRokoTV is usually tagged the “Netflix of Africa,” and they’ve been living up to their name for close to a decade. They have thousands of downloadable Nollywood movies on their platform. If you want Nollywood movies that are currently being aired at local cinemas, iRokoTV are the ones that’d probably be showing it.

Instead of spending a few thousands on movie tickets and popcorns in a cinema, simply subscribe for iRokoTV app for lesser. It’d really save costs, and it provides an avenue to watch these movies as much as you want.

According to iRokoTV, they have millions of subscribers from around the world. That makes them the leading video-on-demand platform in Nigeria.

How to download Nollywood movies with iRokoTV Mobile App:

  • You can find the app on Google Play Store and on Apple App Store.
  • Simply search for “iRokoTV” on both platforms, and you’d find a relevant result.
  • Select the app from the search results and proceed to install it.
  • After installing the iRokoTV app, click “I am a new member” that would take you to the registration page. Also, you can register on iRokoTV website.
  • During registration, select a preferred payment method and a subscription plan of your choice.
  • If you want to use a debit card, you’d have to fill in your card details, and select renewal options.
  • A confirmation message would be sent to your email to activate your account, simply click the link and head over to the app.

Now download the latest Nollywood movies, sit back, relax and grab your popcorn.

iBakaTV Mobile App

How To Download Movies From Irokotv Free

iBakaTV mobile app is another platform to get high quality Nollywood movies to download. Before this app was launched, I usually watch movies for free on their YouTube channel. I’d be talking more on that later.

iBakaTV app, like others in this list, is a subscription based app. However, iRokoTV is slightly better when it comes to watching movies on the app. It also has some recent movies that weren’t shown in cinemas, and some interesting old movies. It’s not limited to Nollywood. Even so, I’d suggest you look at the latest reviews of the app before you proceed to download.

How to download Nollywood movies with iBakaTV Mobile App:

You can find the iBakaTV app on Google Play Store and on Apple App Store.

The process to download a Nollywood movie is quite similar to that of iRokoTV app as shown above.


Netflix is the most popular of all the apps that can be used to download Nollywood movies. The challenge, however, is that the download options are so limited. It is more of an online streaming platform than a download platform. So, it consume more of your data or internet. It uses Artificial Intelligence to recommend movies to you base on your watch history.

Watch latest movies and series from most parts of the world on Netflix. They have the capacity to make movies popular. For example, I remember watching “Lacasa de Papel” in Spanish, but it was after Netflix bought the rights and made an English dub for it, it became so popular.

When it comes to downloading Nollywood movies on Netflix, there’s only a few that are available. For a Nollywood movie to be downloadable on Netflix, it has to be a Netflix original. And a vast majority aren’t. I only know of “Lion Heart” to be a Netflix Original. Hence, you can only stream most of the Nollywood movies available on this platform, or use third party websites.

When it comes to casting from your mobile to PCs and TVs, Netflix is quite similar to Amazon Prime. You can make use of Chromecast.

Nollyland Movies App

Nollyland is a fast rising app to download Nollywood movies. It competes with iRokoTV and iBakaTV mobile apps. It is also a subscription based app, and it looks more expensive compared to iRokoTV app.

Nollyland app contains blockbuster Nollywood movies. It shows recent movies, the actors and actresses that starred in it. The app actually looks light when you download it. Depending on your taste, you can watch action, comedy and romantic movies on the platform.

YouTube App & YouTube Go App

You can watch latest Nollywood movies on both YouTube and YouTube Go apps. The YouTube Go app is the data-saving version. So, if you are conservative on your data usage, you may decide to stream movies on the Go version, as well as watch Nollywood movies and series that are avail on YouTube.

For a long time, there weren’t any legal means to download videos on the platform. Even as it is possible to download Nollywood movies on YouTube, the download button doesn’t show on majority of them. Well, you could make you use of YouTube Red or Premium for more options. It’d definitely cost you some money, but that may be the solution in some cases. It only works on android and iOS smartphones. No download option on PCs.

When you launch YouTube or YouTube Go app, search for your favourite movies or simply search for Nollywood. Nollywood movies would appear, then proceed to download.

YouTube Channels to Download Nollywood Movies For Free

  • African Glitz TV
  • FirstNollyTV
  • IBaka TV
  • LatestNollywoodTV
  • Mynollywoodmovies
  • Nigeriamovienetwork
  • Nollywood Glamour TV
  • NollywoodpicturesTV
  • NollywoodMoviesTV
  • Nollywood TV series
  • Nollyqueens TV
  • Realnollytv

How to Download Nollywood Movies from YouTube Channels


Well, there are several third-party options to download Nollywood movies on YouTube, but I’d recommend

You can download Nollywood movies from this YouTube channels by using the tool. Simply copy the YouTube link to the Nollywood movie and paste it into the space provided on the SaveFromNet website. Then, select the video quality you’d prefer to download your favourite Nollywood movie.

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Websites to Download Latest Nigerian Nollywood Movies for Free

If you would prefer to download Nollywood movies for free, then this is for you. This is the most comprehensive list of websites that contain latest Nollywood movies that are available for download.

  • happens to be the website with majority of Nollywood movies compared to other websites on the list. Although is a foreign website, it contains some Nollywood movies. and also provide free Nollywood movies in high quality, especially the most popular ones.

Due to the rise of porn in Nollywood, there are also websites with low budget porn movies that are made in Nigeria. For example, is a Nigerian porn website with free and paid pornographic movies from the industry. There are also several Nollywood porn movies on and If you are looking to download such videos, you can look up those websites.

How to Download Latest Nigerian Nollywood Movies for Free

Simply visit any of the website I mentioned above. If you have a movie in mind, check if it has been uploaded. Just search for the website name and the movie name. For example, “fzmovies nollywood” or “netnaija nollywood”. The movie would then appear if it is on the website.

Another way is to visit the website and navigate through the Nollywood category. There you may find a Nollywood movie that would appeal to you. From the movie page, you should then be redirected to a download page.

Final Note

Most of the apps for downloading Nollywood movies are VOD platforms, VOD means Video-On-Demand. These platforms offer videos for a subscription fee. Therefore, if you wish to use their services, you’d have to subscribe. Some of the popular VOD apps in Nigeria are include iRokoTV, iBakaTV, Nollyland etc.

When it comes to downloading latest Nollywood movies to watch offline, you have to be very careful. Some websites claim to have these movies for free, while in the real sense they are sending viruses that would end up hurting your systems and your phones. It’s better to stick with trusted apps and websites that many use to watch Nollywood movies. does not guarantee the safety of the websites mentioned in this article.

While we have mentioned ways to get Nollywood movies for a fee and for free, checking the movies currently being aired on your local cinemas is one way to identify latest Nollywood movies to download.

Read Next

This is a guide on how to watch IROKO TV movies for free online. Want to know more about how this works? Then continue scrolling down to read more.

Yes, we all know that Nollywood is the third biggest movie industry in the world, behind Hollywood and Bollywood, with over hundreds of movies produced in a month, in English language, Yoruba, Igbo, and Hausa majorly.

Nollywood films are not just viewed by Nigerians but are viewed all over the world with movie stations dedicated to Nigerian movies such as Africa Magic, Nollywood Tv, Iroko Tv and other stations. Iroko TV is one of the biggest stations that give you unlimited access to Nollywood movies for free, as it is available online.

This has made Iroko TV the most watch station when it comes to Nollywood movies all over the world. Also, Iroko Tv application is available for download giving you access to watch Nollywood movies on your mobile on the go.

With the availability of the internet, many Nollywood fans can now have access to unlimited Nollywood movies on Iroko TV. This has made Nollywood movies available as foreigners can now get unlimited access to Nollywood movies and this has promoted the Nollywood actors as well as Nigerian culture to the world.

There has been great appreciation for Nigerian movies all over the world as many of the Nollywood actors and actresses has become popular household names to foreigners as well as Nigerian.

Also, this had created the opportunity for Nollywood to take their movies abroad and collaborate with international producers and movie makers.


There are lots of sites where you can watch Nollywood movies online for free, but in this article, we are going to concentrate on sites that you can watch Iroko TV online for free.

This is because Iroko TV has unlimited access to Nollywood movies online. The best place you can access Nigerian movies online for free are:

Youtube Free Movies No Download

• Iroko TV

This is the most familiar place online where you can get unlimited access to Nigerian and Ghana movies for free.

The platform is categorized into actors or movies and you can access any movie by pointing you mouse to any of the tab and a list of movies will appear as you select the one you would like to watch and click on enter.

When you click on “All Movies” all movies available on the IrokoTV platform will be displayed and this is quite a number of movies. You can also run a search on any movie you are looking for and if the movie is available, it will be displayed for you to watch.

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• YouTube

YouTube is the largest online video streaming platform with varieties of videos, there is also a large collection of Nigerian and Ghana movies available on YouTube, as you have to search for the particular movie you want to view and simply type Nollywood on the search tab and a list of available Nollywood movie will appear.

How To Download Movies For Free

These are the best sites you can stream Nollywood and Ghanaian movies online for free.