How To Get The Sql Server 2014 Serial Key

  1. Sql Server Activation Key

There can only be one primary key in a table, but it is possible to have a composite primary key - a primary key made from two or more columns. Here is a query that will list all Primary Key columns from a SQL Server table (enter the schema and table name in the WHERE statement - in this case we want to find Primary Key columns from Person.

  1. Where:%INSTANCENAME% is the SQL Server instance that will have its product ID changed`%NEWPRODUCTKEY% represents the new product key that the will be applied to the specified SQL Server Instance. Notes: The linked article specifically references changing the license key for SQL Server 2008 Developer Edition.
  2. How to find the SQL server 2016 product key from server. Get answers from your peers along with millions of IT pros who visit Spiceworks. I have SQL server 2016 installed in a server which was installed by our ERP consultant.
  3. Execute the Get-SqlServerKeys command to retrieve the SQL Server product keys. To retrieve SQL Server product remotely (i.e. Those on a remote server), use the Server parameter, i.e. 1 PS Get-SqlServerKeys -Servers.

Many a times we need to find details about SQL server installation when inheriting a new environment or a setup. One way to figure it out is by reading a registry.

If you have been working on windows since long time you should be aware of registry. Below is a snapshot of details about Microsoft SQL Server contained in Registry. Open RUN command window and type regedit to open up the registry.

Open up registry and navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMICROSOFTMICROSOFT SQL SERVERMSSQL12.SQL2014Setup (for SQL Server 2014). On the left hand pane there are multiple setup configuration option listed. So, to get value of SQLPath option we need to write below T-SQL

The output of the above query is shown below.

The procedure xp_regread is extended undocumented stored procedure to read registry values. The first parameter is the root node, second is the path and the third one the key value to get the value of. Replace the key value ‘SQLPath’ with productcode to get the CD key.

Sql Server Activation Key

For SQL2005 version the values for 2nd and 3rd parameter are “SOFTWAREMicrosoftMicrosoft SQL Server80Registration” and “CD_KEY” respectively.

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