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Itunes Old Version free download - A Old Pops Escape Mania FULL VERSION, Old Fort Banking Co. IPad Version, iLunascape Web Browser ( old version ), and many more programs. If you need a rollback of iTunes, check out the app's version history on Uptodown. It includes all the file versions available to download off Uptodown for that app. Download rollbacks of iTunes for Mac. Any version of iTunes distributed on Uptodown is completely virus-free and free to download at no cost. 12.8.2 Apr 20th, 2020.

A while back Apple released the latest version of iTunes before the grand release of the iCloud service and iOS 5. Being used more as a multimedia platform, it was obvious that Apple will prepare iTunes to support the Cloud technology and the latest iOS. Now iTunes is the component that ties the iCloud service where you can store your music and TV purchases and your iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch). This means that each purchase will be automatically shared to your computer or portable device.

Besides the iCloud service, iTunes can share your purchases with all your portable devices through your Wi-Fi network at any time. This means no additional costs in case you are at home and you have a proper Wi-Fi network. Another important feature is that now previous purchases can be downloaded again at no costs if the products are still available in the iTunes Store.

The most notable addition in the latest iTunes is the Ping social network for music addicts. You can now follow your favorite artists and friends and discover what music they are listening to. Thanks to Ping you can also stay in touch with the latest news and updates from your friends and beloved artists. Share your thoughts on any song you have purchased from the iTunes service and all your connections from the Ping network will see them.

Besides the social network music-orientated content, Ping brings also TV show rentals for only $99. The new Apple TV hasn’t been forgotten, therefore Ping comes with direct support for this service and with a slight revision to the user interface.

Pluses: free, direct support for iCloud service, sync option for wi-fi network, Ping, the music oriented social network makes its debut on iTunes, can be acquired without Quicktime;

Drawbacks/flaws: keeps the same bloated aspect while using a lot of hardware resources;

In conclusion: iTunes remains the core of the multimedia content for the Mac users and for anyone that posses an iOS portable device.

If you are passionate about music, iTunes should be the best choice for you. iTunes is a media player and mobile device management program. You can easily control and manage your music, movies, TV shows, Podcasts, and Audiobooks. Besides, there are nearly over 50 million songs on iTunes. You may enjoy the pleasure of music with iTunes on your Mac or PC.

But how to download iTunes on Windows or Mac? Or is it possible to free download iTunes? We will show you the latest and older versions of iTunes for downloading. We also provide you the alternative software to iTunes.

Download iTunes

Apple only provides the latest version for Windows or macOS Monterey. What will you do if you want to download an old version of iTunes 12.8? Or you want to download iTunes for Windows 10. No need to worry about that. If you want to download an old version of iTunes for your Windows or Mac, you can download through the following tablets.

Part 1. Know well about history of iTunes

Older Itunes For Windows 7

iTunes is used to play, download and mange multimedia files. For it has been updated for many times, there are many versions of iTunes. Before downloading iTunes from its listed versions, you should know about its version history.

The history of iTunes dates back to 2001, so there are overall 12 versions of iTunes.

iTunes VersionWindows SupportMac OS Support
iTunes 1-9-10.1
iTunes 2-9-10.1
iTunes 3-10.1-10.2
iTunes 42000-XP10.2-10.4
iTunes 52000-XP10.2-10.4
iTunes 62000-XP10.2-10.4
iTunes 72000-XP; 2000-Vista; XP-Vista10.3-10.5
iTunes 8XP-Vista10.4-10.6
iTunes 9XP-Vista; XP-710.4-10.6
iTunes 10XP-7; XP-810.5-10.8
iTunes 11XP-810.6-10.9
iTunes 12XP-8.1; 7-1010.7-10.14

Part 2. Free Download and install iTunes for mac OS

The following chart includes various versions of iTunes for Mac. You can download iTunes for mac OS from the following chart.

iTunes VersionMac OS X Version

Choose the right version for your computer. After downloading iTunes, run this program on your Windows.

Part 3. Free Download and install iTunes for Windows (including 64-bit and 32-bit)

The table below includes all kinds of iTunes version for Windows 64-bit and Windows-32-bit. You can download by clicking these links.

iTunes VersionWindows 64-BitWindows 32-Bit

You should select the right iTunes version for your Mac. After downloading iTunes for mac OS, launch this program on your Mac.

Then connect your iPhone with your computer via USB cable. Wait for a few seconds, and the files will be detected.

Click the iPhone icon next to the top menu bar. You are able to view your iPhone information. You can also restore contents from iTunes that you want like contacts from a previous backup folder.

Note: If you want to download the latest version of iTunes, you can just go to Apple iTunes download page. Only the latest version of iTunes is offered. You can choose the right version of iTunes for your computer.

Download itunes old version 9.2 for mac

Part 4. Alternative software to iTunes

With iTunes, you can easily backup contacts, SMS, messages, iMessages from iPhone to computer. If you don't want to use iTunes to manage your files, we highly recommend FoneTrans as an alternative. FoneTrans is the best iOS software to manage iOS files like iTunes. It also enables you to transfer photos, contacts, music, movies, TV Shows, etc. from iOS devices to computer or reversely. In addition, you can fully transfer and export your multimedia files, contacts, messages, and more with one click.

  • Manage and backup contacts file from being lost
  • Customize and generate personalized ringtones easily
  • Transfer all file data with one click from one device to another
  • Sync photos, music, contacts, movies, etc. from iPhone to iTunes
  • Compatible with Apple devices like iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

How to use FoneTrans to transfer music

Step 1. Download and install FoneTrans on your computer. Then launch this program. Connect your device with your computer via USB cable.

Step 2. Click 'Music' on the left side of the interface. Then all music will be loaded to this program. You can see all music have been classified under different categories.

Step 3. Click 'Add' button. You can add music files or add folder. You are also allowed to export music file to your computer by clicking 'Export to PC' menu.

Itunes Old Version Windows 7

Apart from buying ringtones from iTunes, you can also make ringtones by selecting 'Turn songs into ringtones'. Set starting point and ending point, and adjust the volume.

Step 4. Select the music you want to export, and click 'Export to PC'. Wait a few seconds, and your music files will be exported successfully.

Itunes Old Version Mac Download Full

You can also click 'Find duplicate songs' and choose to delete duplicates.

You are also allowed to manage and export photos, videos, contacts, and messages shown on the left side of the interface.

Export files with one-click without iTunes

With FoneTrans, you can transfer files from your iPhone, iPad, iPod to your computer with one click.

Step 1. Click 'Toolbox' on the left interface. You can choose 'Phone to Phone' or 'Device to PC' according to your needs.

Step 2. You can select the files you want to export like Photos, Music, Videos, Contacts, SMS, Books.

Step 3. After choosing the destination folder, click 'Start'. Then your selected files will be exported successfully.


After reading this article, you have multiple choice to select your wanted version of iTunes. It is easy to download iTunes by clicking download links from those tablets. iTunes seems to be a good music companion for our life. However, if you don't want to the download iTunes on your Windows or Mac, you can choose another alternative FoneTrans to manage and control your multimedia files, contacts, messages, and more.


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