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The offical Kia maps are now a free download or a $25 USD purchase plus shipping from
It is great to see a reasonable change to their prices.
I wonder what made them change their mind on pricing.
EDIT: The price of purchasing the SD card do NOT include the cost of shipping.
My mistake, I didn't try going through the checkout process.

EDIT_2: I contacted mapnsoft in May about there being no download option and they had a delay and the download function was pushed till July.

  • below is the email I received:.
  • Thank you for reaching out to us with your inquiry. I will be more than happy to assist you.The free map updates for your vehicle will be available in July for Version 14.5 at this website.. has been a delay on finishing the new download program due to recent events.
  • That is the reason why if you want to update for Version 14 you will need to purchase the SD card for $25.00 plus shipping and handling.
  • I am very sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused.Thank you again for reaching out to us!
  • We appreciate your patience on the release of the new download program.
  • Select your vehicle model
  • 4
  • Click "OK" to view the vehicle information
  • ※ The software version information can be found in Settings >
    System Information > SW Information or Settings > System
    Information > Version Information
    Subject to minor variations depending on the vehicle

Auto-find the Registered Vehicle

  • 1
  • A list of registered vehicles will be displayed once you log in to the Navigation Updater
  • 2
  • Select the vehicle
  • 3
  • Click "OK" to move to the information screen of the selected vehicle

Confirm your vehicle

  • 1
  • Please check that selected vehicle is correct
  • 2
  • Select a location in which to save the update file(s)/data
  • 3
  • Click "Change Vehicle" if you need to change your vehicle
  • 4
  • Click "Next"
  • 1
  • Select a location in which to save the update file(s)/data
  • 2
  • Click "OK" to proceed to the next step
  • ※ Even if you select the storage location to the SD card/USB,
    the files are temporarily saved on the hard disk and then
    copied to the SD card/USB. Please check that the hard disk
    has enough storage before proceeding with the update
  • 1
  • While the update is in progress, the update progress is shown in percentage/text
  • 2
  • Click "Pause" to temporarily stop the update and "Continue" to continue updating
Step FourPlug in portable device to personal computer
  • 1
  • Copy to a SD card/USB device
    - Copy the Update files saved on your hard disk drive
    to a SD card/USB device
  • 2
  • Open folder
    - Press the “Open Folder” button to open the folder to allow you
    to check the saved files
  • 3
  • Select another vehicle
    - Press the “Select Another Vehicle” button to return to the page
    where you can select a different vehicle

Tips for Copying an Update to a Portable Device

1. Saving to a USB device or SD card- Save the update file(s) in the main/top (root) directory of your
portable device