Kia Maps Software


Keep your Kia’s navigation system up to date

We are constantly improving our onboard navigation system to bring you the best possible experience.
Whatever the age of your vehicle, you can carry out your navigation system’s update yourself free of charge.Installing the latest navigation software update brings many benefits:.
You may need a USB stick or SD Card with a capacity of up to 64GB depending on your model and navigation type.
You may also need a computer with at least 54GB of free hard drive memory.
Refer to the FAQ below to find your Kia's Model Year (MY).

You will need this to select the correct update.

  • The process requires you to install our Kia Navigation Updater software on your computer.
  • Therefore, you need to have full administrator access to your device.Are you ready? Go to Kia Navigation Updates site.
  • How often are updates made available?
  • Most satellite navigation units benefit from an update approximately twice a year but some of our earlier units only get an annual update.
  • How long does it take to perform a download?
  • This will vary vastly depending on your internet speed.
  • The download size can be up to 34GB.
  • How long does it take to perform an update manually?
  • It varies depending on the type of head unit and software but we typically estimate that this should take no more than 1 hour 30 min. You need to ensure your vehicle has sufficient charge or fuel to run uninterrupted during this amount of time.

It is imperative you leave your car on throughout the update.

  • How can I find what my model’s Model Year (MY) is?
  • A vehicle’s Model Year doesn’t necessarily correspond to its year of build or registration.
  • You can determine your car’s model year by checking the 10th digit of its Vehicle Identification Number (VIN).10th digitModel Year (MY)8MY089MY09AMY10BMY11CMY12DMY13EMY14FMY15GMY16HMY17JMY18KMY19LMY20MMY21NMY22PMY23.
  • Where can I get help?
  • The Navigation Update Support Team can be contacted hereand are best placed to assist you.
  • Can a Kia Authorised Dealer/Repairer perform the software update for me?

A Kia Authorised Dealer/Repairer can perform the update but please be aware they may charge for their time.

  • They will also need advance notice so that they can download your software in advance of your visit.
  • Please check that selected vehicle is correct
  • 2
  • Select a location in which to save the update file(s)/data
  • 3
  • Click "Change Vehicle" if you need to change your vehicle
  • 4
  • Click "Next"
  • 1
  • Select a location in which to save the update file(s)/data
  • 2
  • Click "OK" to proceed to the next step
  • ※ Even if you select the storage location to the SD card/USB,
    the files are temporarily saved on the hard disk and then
    copied to the SD card/USB. Please check that the hard disk
    has enough storage before proceeding with the update
  • 1
  • While the update is in progress, the update progress is shown in percentage/text
  • 2
  • Click "Pause" to temporarily stop the update and "Continue" to continue updating
Step FourPlug in portable device to personal computer
  • 1
  • Copy to a SD card/USB device
    - Copy the Update files saved on your hard disk drive
    to a SD card/USB device
  • 2
  • Open folder
    - Press the “Open Folder” button to open the folder to allow you
    to check the saved files
  • 3
  • Select another vehicle
    - Press the “Select Another Vehicle” button to return to the page
    where you can select a different vehicle

Tips for Copying an Update to a Portable Device

1. Saving to a USB device or SD card- Save the update file(s) in the main/top (root) directory of your
portable device