King Cleveland Trumpet Serial Numbers

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This is a very old thread, but I will post this just because Google still finds this for folks looking for info on Cleveland:
Cleveland Band Instruments was incorporated in 1919 by Jas. Sistek Sr. and several partners. (He ran a Cleveland music store and made his own trumpets, later stenciling for many years). It was sold to HN White in 1925, and White added a "C" ahead of the serial numbers to keep the records straight. American Standard was a brand name of Cleveland pre-merger. The Depression forced consolidation with the King plant. The Greyhounds were late-20's/30s peashooter siblings to the American Standard Student Prince. After the war, the "C" disappeared from Cleveland serials. More info is available at or at

I thank you with sincerest thanks.
I am half blind, so it is very difficult for me to read long paragraphs.
I have trouble moving my sight right to left and just one line down to continue reading within a paragraph.
Enlarging the text with my computer helps a little bit.
I am 99 percent sure that I read the beginning and the end of that paragraph recently, but I was unable to read the middle of the paragraph.
So I really do appreciate your answer for me.

1934 H.N. White Circular Alto Horn - Silver - mint
1961 Conn 9A Cornet - Coprion - mint
White Horn #8
Wick Cornet #2
photos and audio:
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