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The image resolution of your scanned images depends on the scanner type that you use but the common values include DICOM and EXIF. You should then set the size of the images that you are going to scan into the software. Finally, you should open the images in mediaface and resize them according to the image resolution. Once you are done with resizing, you can now save the images. (Works with Windows Operating Systems Only, from Win98 to Windows 10)*Once you buy the product, you will receive a serial number via email to have complete access. Works with Windows Operating Systems, from Windows 98 all the way up to Windows 10. Create Labels and Inserts for CDs & DVDs, MiniCDs and More!
Make your own Beer or Wine? Now you can create beautiful Beer Labels & Wine Labels with our labeling software.
Compatible with Epson CD Printers!
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Windows All
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500 High Resolution Background Images in a variety of categories!

Wizard Mode - Design and Print a Label in under 30 Seconds!