Napoleon Total War Mod Db


With so many Total War titles to choose from, it’s easiest to just pick out what scenario interests you the most and jump on it. You can choose to play anything from medieval times, to Rome, Japan, or even the fantasy-themed Warhammer. The 6th installment of the franchise, Napoleon, sees you take on the role of Napoleon Bonaparte.

Great game and a lot of fun. But maybe vanilla is getting a bit stale by now…. Well if custom gaming is in your ballpark, give these mods a go for an updated experience. All totally free, of course! Total War has always been about the thrill of battle. With the epic recreations of historic warfare, modders have continued to make small improvements to make battles feel more realistic. Starting with the Ultimate Soundmod, a compilation pack of the best sound mods for NTW.

Community member LochKopf took what he thought were the best sound updates from 6 different packs and the result is amazing. The realism of each battle is taken to a whole new level with simple changes in audio.

Everything from muskets, cannons, mortars, and even player deaths now sound more realistic. Some of the sounds were even taken from real-world weapon fires! It may not sound like much, but you’d be surprised at the impact of better audio. If you prefer to play through NTW on your own, you’ve probably noticed flaws in the AI.