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New theaters of war. 3rd Coalition (1805). Finland War (1808-1809).

Belgium renamed to Flanders. Eight new classic maps: Bohemia 1-2, Egypt 3-4-5, Finland 2-3, Flanders 8.

File credits

One new historical map: Dürnstein (1805). Austerlitz map heavily reworked.

Many rebalanced LOC points, deployment zones, buildings capacity. AC combat generals: former automatic pre-selection removed; here is the new system (where N is the maximum amount of combat generals you can have):.

Of all generals in the roster, N+2 are automatically and randomly selected.

Only those N+2 generals are visible and pickable, until cooldown and another random pick is made. You can select from zero to N of them, in any order, in any place in your army build.

Increased fatigue from musket reloading. Units descriptions and generals' biographies: more than 400 new or rewritten, all French and Austrian units, British cavalry.

Donation Points system

New custom model for cavalry gloves, used for now by Austrian generals, cuirassiers and chevaulegers (1805).

Increased charge for C1/C2 cavalry. Removed projectile trails. All former scenarios removed, to be rebuilt more thoroughly by using army corps.

Austerlitz (1805). Factions: many corrected custom and new AC guides for 4th Coalition, Finland War, Patriotic War and Hundred Days (by Blitzkrieg555).

FAQ: cavalry guide (by Nate). Austria: new simple cuirass for Austrian rank and file cuirassiers.

Credits and distribution permission

Brunswick: fixed Olfermann's uniform. Many nicknames corrected. Italy/1799: new mirliton model for light cavalry, non French line infantry cards displayed separately.

Orient, Desaix AC: added Lasalle. 1805 to 1807 grenadiers: redesigned uniforms.

1806 AC: fixed uniform for French grenadiers. 1806 AC, Lannes: added the Bataillon d'élite and its commanders (Suchet & Claparède).

1806 AC, Garde: added Dragons de l'Impératrice and their colonel (Arrighi). 1806 AC, La Romana: corrected horse artillery card.

1809 AC, Gouvion St-Cyr: reworked uniforms for Berg regiments.

Version 8.8

1809 AC, Sébastiani: fixed bug about staff general selection. 1812 AC: lowered Oudinot, Garde, Victor and Augereau's AC faction rating.

1812 AC, Beauharnais: removed bugged drummer from Croatian regiment. 1815 AC, Garde: cards' sorting corrected.

Holy Roman Empire. Shooting stats increased.

Reworked uniforms for heavy cavalry. Mamelukes, custom and AC: some changes in stats and sizes.

Ottomans, custom and AC: some changes in stats and sizes. Persia: switched to imperial side (because of Russia).

10. Coalition Campaign

Portugal, Teixeira AC: 12 pounders artillery added. 1806 custom: corrected the absurdly high charge bonus value of a light infantry unit.

1806 AC, Hohenlohe and Rüchel: corrections on the roster and stats (Nate's research).

1815 AC, Thielemann: fixed dismounting issue with Thielemann. 1806 AC, Niesemeuschel: renamed to Zezschwitz.

1806 AC: several historical corrections (Nate's research). 1809 AC: many changes in stats and sizes.

1809 AC, Del Parque: added Princesa and Navarra infantry.

9. Europe in Conflict

Sweden, custom: switched to coalition side. Improved uniforms for the time span 1805-1811.

Star-rating reevaluated for some generals. New units: 68th Foot, KGL light company, Battalions of Detachments. Brown Bess stats back to version 8.6's values (also applies to allies using this musket).

Shrapnel guns improved. 1815 AC: corrected flag, with St Patrick's Cross.

Custom: completed all generals biographies (by Karlsson).

New music theme.

There’s so much more to explore here, so it’s best to experience in your own playthrough.

8. The Rights of Man II

Another overhaul mod looking to improve on the campaign, The Right of Man II makes changes to virtually all aspects of the game.

From additional units to new playable nations, there’s tons to explore in this mod.

One of the major changes in terms of gameplay is the updated recruitment system.

Players are now able to recruit foreign troops from captured regions.

The attention to detail given here is incredible as recruited units from captured nations even have their own uniforms and unit cards.

There are also more updates to the GUI, units, and general gameplay mechanics to explore in this mod. I definitely recommend giving it a try.

7. The Khartum and Zulu Mod

This time we’re taken to Victorian Era warfare with historical representations of both the Anglo-Zulu and Mahdist Wars.

The mod covers some of the great battles fought by Great Britain against African and Sudanese forces.

You’ll be able to play through custom scenarios based from the Battle of Rorke’s Drift and the Battle of Isandlwana among others.

Containing 4 new factions, you can now choose to experience the game as the Natal British Contingent, Corsaire, The Mahdist, or Zulu.

Many leaders have been added as well to match the time period, including Lord Chemlsford, Col. Anthony Durnford, and Muhammad Ahmad.

A great way to experience these epic battles, made even more immersive with additional videos and sounds taken from films relevant to the time period.

6. American Civil War

The American Civil War is mostly a scenario mod that takes us back to the time of Abraham Lincoln.

You’ll be able to play through the different historical battles between North and South America, either in single player or multiplayer modes.

Though the mod does not feature a campaign mode, there is no shortage of interesting content.

With the latest update just being released in 2019, there are now 65 battle maps to play through.

Each battle map has been recreated to most accurately capture the battlefields from historic events. Some of these maps are the Battle of Cedar Creek, Battle of Shiloh, and the Battle of Five Forks.

The attention to detail put into this mod is amazing. With over 4,300 unique units, new artillery classes, and much more to explore… this will keep you busy for a while.

5. Masters of Europe

Masters of Europe is the result of a collaboration between the 2 well-known Total War modders: l’Aigle and Steph.

Known for their Imperial Eagle and l’Aigle and Vive l’Empereur mods respectively, the 2 joined forces to create a completely new experience for Napolean: Total War fans.

Unlike most of the other mods on the list, Masters of Europe does not aim to recreate wars from other time periods.

Instead the modders focus on improving the content already available in the game.

Though there are some visual upgrades to certain textures, UI improvements, and icons, the mod really shines in the way it rebalances battle mechanics.

Changes to infantry, artillery, naval, and cavalry stats make the mod an interesting playthrough as the dynamics and feel of battles is now completely new.

There have also been changes to particular aspects of gameplay like tech, buildings, morale, and more. Check it out for yourself for a fresh NTW experience.

4. Additional Units Mod

Adding 48 new units and 3 new ships, the Additional Units Mod makes Napoleon: Total War worth giving another playthrough.

Sticking with historical accuracy, many factions have been given additional units like the British 95th Rifles, French Old Guard Grenadiers, Prussian Death Heads, and Russian Siemenovski Guards among others.

With the additional units comes gameplay balances to make sure that no faction is overpowered of course.

More than the added units, the Additional Units Mod also unlocks vanilla units and ships that aren’t readily available in the base game.

There is also a DarthMod version for players who want the additional units with DarthMod installed as well.

Tons of content to explore here which is sure to have you excited to get back in the game.

3. The Great War

Taking place around 100 years after the events of Napoleon, The Great War takes us to World War I.

A great way to add content to the game, The Great War not only makes aesthetic changes with loading screens, unit appearances, and vehicle textures… but also changes certain gameplay elements as well.

One of the biggest changes with this mod is the tech tree.

Tech upgrades have been changed to better fit the time period, with a lot of new upgrades that you’ll find as you explore.

Now you can fight your battles with tanks, mines, and even flamethrowers, in this epic recreation of WW1. Awesome.

2. DarthMod Napoleon

Darth Vader is a well-known modder in the Total War fandom.

Though DarthMods are known for improving enemy AI to overly realistic levels, this mod does way more than just that.

With over 200 additional units, gameplay updates, and even additional formations to choose from, the base game gets a complete overhaul.

And there are additional campaigns to explore.

Changes to battle mechanics, sound effects, and visuals make it possible to have bigger armies, making for longer and more epic battle sequences to boot.

Aimed at making the game more challenging by making it much more realistic, this will definitely scratch the itch of most Total War fans.

1. Napoleonic Total War 3

A result of years of research and development, Napoleonic Total War 3 gives a completely new experience of the game.

This mod is a complete overhaul aimed at giving you the most realistic and historically accurate experience of Napoleon: Total War.

The mod comes with 41 factions, 1,526 units, and updated game mechanics to discover and explore. That’s on top of the aesthetic changes that make everything look and feel more realistic. So there’s really a lot here.

Furthermore the maps are much larger, so battles are now larger and can be fought over greater distances.

There’s just way too much in this mod to discuss. It’s best to dive in and give it a shot yourself. Trust me, you’ll be pleased.

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