Peachtree Bookkeeping


Money Matters Holding Your Business Back?

Bookkeeping services through Peachtree VA is about more than just accounting solutions. It’s about collaborative partnership. It’s about getting you your time back. It’s about peace of mind.

Is Your Business Ready For A Bookkeeper?

Making money but struggling to manage it?

Spending too much time tracking expenses, accounts payable/receivable, or donations?

Finding yourself increasingly stressed about your company’s books (especially at tax time)?

Financial errors costing your company hard earned money?

Have a lot of questions related to expenses or income?

About Our Bookkeeper

Shel Mitchell sat behind a desk as a corporate accountant for 15 years, but in 2017 he realized something was missing. He missed interacting with the people behind the businesses he served. So he took matters into his own hands, left corporate and launched his own bookkeeper practice.

Shel prides himself in taking a non-traditional approach to bookkeeping. He’s a certified Xero™ advisor and a QuickBooks® Online ProAdvisor who uses the best accounting solutions on the market. He also understands that bookkeeping is about more than just crunching numbers. It’s about building long-lasting collaborative partnerships with clients in order to help them meet their financial goals.

Monthly Bookkeeping Solutions

5 hours / Month

Monthly Reconciliations

Monthly Financial Statement Generation

Email Support

Monthly Meeting (1 Hour via Zoom)


10 Hours / Month

Bi-Weekly Reconciliations

Monthly Financial Statement Generation

Invoicing & Collections Support

Bill Pay Support

*Payroll Support

Email Support

Bi-weekly Meetings (1 Hour each via Zoom)


20 hours / Month

Weekly Reconciliations

Invoicing & Collections Support

Bill Pay Support

*Payroll Support

Monthly Financial Statement Generation

Custom Monthly Reporting Options

Special Project Support

Email Support

Dedicated Slack channel for easier collaboration

Weekly Meetings (1 Hour each via Zoom)


*Clients in need of payroll support will be required to sign up with a third-party payroll provider which may incur an additional monthly or annual expense.


Talking about money can be nerve-racking. We get it. Check out some of our most commonly asked questions below or schedule a free consultation with our bookkeeping specialist today.