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Birthday is one the most important day of every human life, that is the day in which we are brought to the world and that day is worth celebrating. Having to celebrate your birthday with a nice Happy Birthday song is the nicest and great thing to do in order to celebrate your day. Most people are great lover of birthday song. Here are few Happy Birthday song you will love.

#1: 2 Chainz – Birthday Song

This is great Birthday song by 2 chains which has to do with a lot of love and affections. The lyrics goes for anyone who is trying to say birthday, this single is a great way to say Happy Birthday to me. 2 Chainz release this single in respect of his birthday celebration and he made a great wave for himself when the song was released.

#2: Fabolous – This Is My Party

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This is another great birthday song by Fabolous. Aren’t no telling what Hip lowered do to me I am feeling like I can do what I want now, this is my party stroll by if you want or y’all can stay home but would you want to. This is a nice birthday party song you should never miss out on your birthday.

#3: R. Kelly – It’s Your Birthday

This is a nice birthday song incase you trying to surprise yourself or other people on their birthday. Quoted lyrics, so let’s party and have fun, yeah because it is your birthday, we will dance till morning comes yeah, happy birthday, Girls lets step the night away Happy birthday yeah and we are going to celebrate. These is a nice birthday song you should listen to always.

#4: Travis Porter – Birthday Girl

A nice Birthday song to say happy to yourself, Travis’s quoted lyrics says Time to have some fun and we gone do it all because baby you are the birthday girl so let party all night long. These is a nice birthday song to listen to always.

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#5: Flo Rida – Birthday

This is a nice birthday you need to wish yourself a great happy birthday, it is a nice song with lyrics I am going to be honest tomorrow ain’t promised that’s why I say this here today then you gone like renting a car from avis hurts but its truth you are out of that Mercedes. I don’t want no cake on my birthday, I want cake everyday. A nice happy birthday song you should listen to in order to celebrate your birthday in grand style.

#6: Jeremih – Birthday Sex

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Jeremih has a great quotable lyric in this birthday song, its your birthday, so I know you want to ride out even if we only go to my house sip on weezy as we sit upon my couch feels good but I know you want to cry out, this is also a great happy birthday song by Jeremih you should never miss out on.

#7: Rihanna – Birthday Cake

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We all know when it comes to Rihanna there is never any form of dulling, she has a great song lyric this time around while giving us a nice birthday song, she made a great tone. Its not even my birthday but he wants to lick the icing off I know you want it in the worst way can’t wait to blow my candles out, he wants that cake. This is also a great birthday song for you.

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Declaimer: This is no way the top hip hop birthday songs but we have made great research and we have brought out few of the best happy birthday song for you in no particular order.