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The truth is that there are so many different sources of P2P files on the Internet, and not many of those are safe to use. We understand that you're looking for the best torrent sites, and that's what we've done our best to discover.

So, after plenty of research, we're ready to give you some on-point recommendations. Before we get started with our list of the best torrent websites, we'll take a few moments to give you some important background information. After all, you've probably heard that torrent sites aren't exactly the safest places to visit on the Internet.

Many of those distribute malware, endangering your system and your private data.

  • There are also copyright trolls targeting pirates, and you'll have to keep in mind that some countries are after pirates in a rather aggressive manner.
  • With this said, you need to know where to search for torrent files, and you need to know how to download those files safely.
  • TechNadu's team is strongly against digital piracy, but we understand that even downloading legal torrents can get you into trouble.
  • That's why we recommend reading this entire article carefully, as you'll find plenty of useful information below.
  • Worried About Getting Caught Torrenting?
  • You Need a VPN – And Here’s Why! The world of torrenting is full of obstacles.

You’ll often find torrent websites to be blocked in your country, and receiving a cease-and-desist letter from your ISP is always a threat. Getting caught torrenting can also force your ISP to cut off your connection to the Web. That’s why, due to the following reasons, we strongly recommend you connect to a VPN in order to be safe while torrenting.

A VPN will prevent your Internet provider from tracking your online activity.

This means that you won’t have to worry about receiving a cease-and-desist letter or any similar legal consequences of downloading torrents. A VPN will unblock any website, including torrent repositories. This is especially important in countries where torrent sites are taken down regularly.

Using a VPN, you can connect to a server in a different country and unblock what was previously inaccessible. A VPN will unleash the full power of your Web connection.

It’s no secret that ISPs apply selective throttling based on what kind of online activity they detect.

Since VPNs hide your Web traffic, you’ll get to make your Web connection faster and more reliable.

A VPN is an all-in-one solution! There’s no need to spend hours trying to configure torrent clients or trying to build a solution to protect your torrenting. A VPN is the best and the most effective way to protect your torrenting.

Finally, don’t make a mistake thinking that all VPNs are the same. Based on our years-long experience of reviewing VPNs, the best VPN right now is ExpressVPN. This especially goes for fans of torrenting, who’ll find that ExpressVPN meets practically ALL their needs.

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That means that now’s the best time to act and protect your torrenting activities. Just below, you'll find our list of the 14 best torrent sites available today. However, if you're after a certain type of media, first check out the following categories. Best Torrent Sites for Movies - YTS, 1337X, RARBG, The Pirate Bay, Zooqle, iDope.

Best Torrent Sites for TV Shows - 1337X, EZTV, Nyaa, Zooqle. Best Torrent Sites for Anime - The Pirate Bay, Nyaa, 1337X. Best Torrent Sites for Comics - The Pirate Bay, 1337X, iDope. Best Torrent Sites for Games - 1337x, RARBG, LimeTorrents. Best Torrent Sites for eBooks - The Pirate Bay, Nyaa, 1337x.

Best Torrent Sites for Software - The Pirate Bay, LimeTorrents, Katcr, RARBG, IPTorrents.

Best Torrent Sites for Music - TorrentDownloads, 1337x, Torlock, RARBG, Nyaa.

Best Torrent Sites for Audiobooks - 1337x, The Pirate Bay, LimeTorrents, Zooqle, iDope. Best Torrent Sites for Textbooks - iDope, Torrends. Best Torrent Sites for Mac - The Pirate Bay, 1337x. Everyone in the torrenting game has a soft spot for the folks from YIFY.

Unfortunately, YIFY was shut down due to massive legal threats and is, it seems, gone forever. With that said, our list of the best sites for downloading torrents will begin with a YIFU alternative - called YTS. YIFY was famous for aggressively-optimized video and audio encoding.

They achieved some of the best quality-to-size ratios ever seen.

Well, YTS is following those same footprints, providing access to countless movies, nicely organized and often updated.

And considering that YTS has millions of active daily users, most of its movies are quick to download. 1337X has been around for about a decade now and has somehow managed to avoid being shut down.

It wasn't really all that well-known initially, but with the demise of big names such as KickassTorrents and long periods when the Pirate Bay was MIA, there were plenty of opportunities to grow. Today, 1337X is one of the big boys, with an Alexa rank that puts it in the top handful of torrent sites.

We personally don't like the red and black site design, but that's just a taste issue.

From a functionality point of view, the site is sharp as a tack.

And most importantly, it allows you to download torrents fast since it has a highly active user base. Becoming a successful torrent site is a double-edged sword. Success also means being targeted the hardest.

This applies to our previous recommendation but also to RARBG. Being one of the oldest P2P repositories of its kind, it managed to survive through several ups and downs – and is still one of the best sites for finding torrents.

Today, RARBG is back online and offering a huge number of torrents.

Sheer torrent numbers are not that special anymore, though.

Therefore, it makes this list not only because it is so comprehensive - but also because it has a clean design. Even if it looks sparse and simple, the process of finding the torrent you want is easy and quick.

Today, you'll find English-translated anime via services like Netflix and Hulu. There are even dedicated anime streaming services such as Crunchyroll (recently acquired by Sony) and Funimation.

Despite this, there are plenty of shows that are just too niche to be officially translated.

Some shows are too old, and others will never see the light of day in the West.

This is precisely where Nyaa comes into play. This site provides a simple and effective interface to its vast database of Japanese animation. If you want to go deeper than watching Naruto or Dragon Ball Z, Nyaa is the place to be. What can we say about The Pirate Bay? It's been around for as long as we can remember.

It's been killed and resurrected more times than we can count. It feels as if TPB is going to be around for the rest of eternity. It's even suffered through having its founders jailed. The Pirate Bay is still one of the most popular torrent sites on the Internet.

Because of this, you'll find just about any mainstream torrent here.

However, the site's design is becoming a little old-fashioned.

Also, The Pirate Bay has been caught hijacking user CPUs to mine cryptocurrency. The site has been forced into this path as more and more of its advertising income gets cut off. If you're OK with donating a little electricity to support them, they are well worth paying a visit.

Speaking of the old generation, LimeTorrents has managed to dodge all the legal challenges and shutdowns other big names have been hit with. Mainly, the site has managed that by being very careful about what they actually host in terms of data.

Instead of putting actual torrent files (which have become legally dodgy) on the site, they just host hash values of those torrents.

At the moment, this P2P repository is going underground.

It seems as if the site is moving its torrent content to the deep Web, and you need to use the LimeTorrents client to access them.

While this might seem a little overboard, LimeTorrents might very well be the last site standing when the dust finally settles, which is why you should keep them in mind. If you're dedicated to downloading torrents and being a part of a closed P2P community, you'll want to hear about IPTorrents.

This is a private tracker, which means that someone must invite you. However, you can also choose to donate, which is another way to get access. Don't worry; IPTorrents is one of the oldest and most trustworthy private trackers out there.

Since this is a closed community, that means you'll find a curated library of over a million files.

Those files are verified, minimizing the risk of encountering malware.

And also, IPTorrents' members are required to meet a certain seed ratio (to avoid getting their accounts disabled), which results in sharing files that are pretty quick to download. Next, we have a niche torrent site that's all about TV shows. Called EZTV, it's been around for quite some time, which is one of the reasons why the website looks outdated.

However, if you look beneath the surface, you will see loads of helpful features. For example, the website allows you to track its calendar of releases and check out when new seasons are about to air so that you can set reminders accordingly.