Sonic Adventure 2 Play Online


The recognizable Sega registered trademark and awesome sound greets you as you load the game. You then jump into the first amazing zone - Emerald Hill. From here you have to control Sonic or Tails, and try to progress through each stage and level.

Bash Dr Robotnik (Or Dr. eggman as he is also known) and his evil robotic creations and try to collect as many gold rings as possible. Don’t forget to also collect the different special boxes that are packed with some cool abilities. The super sonic box is arguably the best as this makes your character invulnerable. The fast running shoes, or protective bubble however are also really useful. Also look out for the ring boxes that grant you a set number of rings.

The single player mode has to be one of the greatest games of all time and certainly one of the best Sonic game titles available.

Sega Mega drive has this game developed during Sonic Mania and capitalized on the success of the original title. Aside from the different boxed mentioned, don’t forget to collect the rings.

If you collect 50 rings during a level and reach one of the special stages posts, you are then transported to one of the bonus levels.

Examples of bonus levels include a race track where Sonic and Miles have to collect certain numbers of coins before each checkpoint.