Star Stable Free Star Coins


We're looking at all the working Star Stable Codes that will get you a lot of free rewards! These codes will get you some Star Coins, treats, and cosmetics for your horse. Most of the currently available codes will be usable for your character and horse. These are cosmetics that allow you to dress up how you'd like and will get you some free items to customize your look. You'll also get some Star Coins as well, but they are usually only available to players that are subscribed as a Star Rider. Here's where we'll be listing all the available and expired codes from the game. Make sure when you're entering one from the list that you copy exactly as it is displayed. It is sometimes hard to distinguish numbers from letters, and it's easy to accidentally mess it up if you type it in yourself! Removed expired code. Here's a look at a list of all the currently available codes:. THUMBSUP—Redeem this code for a T-Shirt. READTHEBOOK—Redeem this code for a Starshine Plush Saddlebag Pet. HORSESNACK—Redeem this code for a one Apple and one Carrot Treat. STARSHINEPLUSH—Redeem this code for a Starshine Plush Saddlebag Pet - ONLY FOR NEW PLAYERS. STARSTABLEHONEY—Redeem for 4 days Star Rider - ONLY FOR NEW PLAYERS. 7DAYSBIRTHDAYFUN—Redeem for 7 days Star Rider - ONLY FOR NEW PLAYERS. These codes are no longer available and can't be redeemed anymore. STARRIDER2022—Redeem for 7 days of Star Rider. FEBRUARY22—Redeem for a Horse Plush Saddlebag Pet and a Rose Bouqet. DEERMASK4U—Deer Mask & Reindeer Mask. SANTAHAT4U—Redeem for Santa Hat. HOLIDAYFUN - Redeem for 300 Star Coins .