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In the sharing of this villa 3d model, made with sketchup 2013, and ready to be rendered with vray 1.6, Marcos added - The individual textures with bump and displacement - The material Vray VISMAT used - The material HDRI + SUN, dome light setting and s ketchup shadow settimg - The material vray PROXY - The scene of VISOPT - 2 different folders containing the 3d models of plants, flowers. This is a free package of 18 highly detailed 3d birch tree models for vray rendering engine and 3ds max. Free for commercial use. Download MAX – Mirror 1. Download Skatter Plugin Version 1.4.7 for SketchUp 2019 SketchUp Pro 19.0.685 Mac/Win + V-ray 3.40.04 + Portable 3-d design Download Twinmotion 2016 Professional Edition x64 - A quick creation application of the digital model of 3D architecture projects. Vray Proxy Trees Free Download For Mac. Corona has a tool called Corona scatter, and there are other methods, but Forest Pack Pro is the most efficient and flexible tool for such kind of work. Animation is not directly related to Forest Pack Pro but GrowFX. Oct 16, 2019 Vray Trees; Overview In V-Ray for SketchUp there is a way to replace the proxy geometry by any other object. Every single vertices and faces consume memory of ram, meaning that if you have several proxy in the scene, not only the SketchUp feedback is slower, but you could be wasting memory of ram needed to achieve a high resolution render.

This page provides information about the Proxy Mesh in V-Ray for Grasshopper.


Loads a V-Ray Proxy file (.vrmesh). Alembic (.abc) files are also supported. The V-Ray Geometry output can be connected to a Renderer node. A list of Plane or Scale factor inputs will generate multiple instances of the same Proxy.

The number of instances indicates how many times the object is currently being instanced.

Each instance of the V-Ray Proxy Importer has a bounding box preview in the Rhino viewport.

Input Parameters

File Path(Text) – Specifies the path to the proxy (.vrmesh) file. Invalid input file paths are auto-resolved as long as the files reside at the same location as the .gh project file.


Vray Tree Proxy Download For Chrome

Base Plane(Plane) – Plane transformation for the Proxy. A list of Plane inputs adds multiple instances of the same Proxy.

Scale(Number) – Scale factor for the Proxy. A value of 1.0 is used by default. Multiple Scale factors can be used.

Material(Generic Data) – V-Ray Material input is expected. The number of required materials for each unique .vrmesh file is not automatically determined.

Output Parameters

V Geometry (Generic Data) – V-Ray Geometry output.

Bounding Box (Box)– Bounding Box of the proxy.


Proxy To Vray Proxy


A .vrmesh file containing a tree model imported in Grasshopper and rendered in Rhino. The materials are manually slotted using V-Ray Material from Project nodes. Notice the Proxy Mesh is previewed as a bounding box in the Rhino viewport.

Grasshopper and VFB

Rhino viewport