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White Enamel is an interactive self-guided online journey via image, sound and motion picture through the sometimes loud, sometimes soft, but always powerful and profound corridors of the abandoned Glenfield State Psychiatric Hospital.

The now abandon Glenfield State Psychiatric Hospital has a long history of tragedy and horror. On January 28,1911, over 100 patients froze to death after 2 main boilers broke down in middle of a freezing winter.

Version 7.8.4 Support library updates and minor layout fix. Version 7.8.2 - Adjustments made to additional sounds based on user feedback. Classic versions of the sounds were added to the White Noise Market for those that wish to continue using them. Whereas the Nintendo DS is 5.85 inches wide, 3.33 inches long and 1.13 inches tall, the DS Lite is 5.2 inches wide, 2.9 inches long and 0.85 inches tall – slightly less than two-thirds its size.


For Blair Witch fans, yes – it is the very same institution that contained Kyle Brody, who would be committed here in 1966, after having been expelled from the Reston Hills Sanitarium in Atlanta, Georgia when hospital staff could no longer control Brody

“The significance of Kyle Brody to White Enamel is based upon a documentary by the same title that captured Kyle Brody on film when institutionalized at Glenfield’s Psychiatric Hospital at MSICI.

Brody’s story is unique. When as a child in Burkittsville, Maryland in 1941, Brody and seven other children were abducted by an old hermit named Rustin Parr who lived in neighboring woods of the Black Hills. Parr held Kyle Brody and the seven other children captive in the cellar on his home, having then tortured and killed them before burying their bodies in the cellar floor.

Kyle Brody would have been the eighth victim had he not had an opportunity to escape Parr’s clutch.

White enamel asylum game

On May 25, 1941, Rustin Parr emerged from the woods, walked into a local market and publicly exclaimed he was “finally finished.” Police hiked for four hours to Parr’s secluded house in the woods to find the bodies of seven missing children in the cellar. Each child had been ritualistically murdered and disemboweled. Parr admitted to everything, telling the authorities that he had done it for “an old woman ghost” who occupied the woods near his house. This was assumed to be the “Blair Witch” according to Parr and local residents who still believed in such a legend.

During the murder investigation of the seven Burkittsville children, Kyle Brody came forth with his story of the events that took place. He explained to police he was forced to stand in a corner facing the wall while Rustin committed the murders. Ultimately it was young Kyle Brody’s testimony in court that would lead to Parr’s conviction and execution.”

whiteenamel.com takes you through the building of GSPH with interactive 3-D animation,real pictures of the mildewed walls and rusty equipment,disturbing archive footage, haunting sound clips and a soundtrack that will definitely put a little chill in your soul. It is a cross between a film and a video game where you yourself click on certain objects to activate a film clip,sound bite or any number of things.


Teeth whitening photo app

We all dream of having a great smile and the most photogenic look ever. Someone is thinking of a global makeover and others consider possibilities to use small online assistants. Face and body editing software is in fashion for every selfie lover. And a good teeth whitening app is more precious than gold. Because even when food and drink leave some dark spots on our teeth, including bad habits like smoking and too much coffee, tooth enamel also pay a great role in coloring our smiles. It is a solid surface which included naturally dark ingredient which is called dentin. When we have genetically thick enamel or it is strong and healthy, then it looks snowy white on pictures. With time, unfortunately, it tends to get thinner and dentin will be noticed as a light yellow shade on your tooth.

The White Enamel

So if you enjoy eating sweets and drinking soda, be ready to have a need to whiten your smile with a help of various tools. There are always great ways to clean your teeth several times a day with certain creams and soda. It will definitely prevent your mouth from undesired problems. In case you have discovered the problem looking though freshly made pics, then it is best to try a good smartphone application. Its importance is crucial for active users of social networks. They have no time to wait for hours or learn basic rules of photoshop, when you need to smile right now to create a perfect image. Everything they can do is to download a teeth whitening editor and to process every photography they have instantly. This service has to be quick and professional, to avoid artificial smiles and looks. Not every filter on your iPhone is ready to be called highly professional due to its general settings and absence of individual approach.

Description and features of teeth whitening editor

The best tool to use for any kind of picture retouching is definitely a new free app to make teeth whiter by Retouchme. It's absolutely simple and friendly interface permit users all over the world, regardless of their computer and photoshop literacy edit photos every time they want and wherever they go. There are a lot of features:

  • Comparing to other apps available in the phone stores this is the unique software which permits downloading free of charge with minimal memory capacity on your device. It means that installation will take just a few minutes and it is ready for immediate work with your image gallery. The secret is obvious because all the hard work on photo processing is going to be done on site, not by the user.

  • Only real designers work with this software, providing fast service of the highest quality due to their vast experience in the field of picture editing.

  • It is fast and easy, only five minutes time is required for any type of processing. Professional service is guaranteed by photoshop team of experts online, available 24 hours a day. Remember that application is free of charge and every editing request cost only ninety-nine cents or several online credits. Credits can be earned online playing games or using favorite social networks, with the help of our team. There is no hidden rules or terms to accept or buy when you decide to install teeth whitening photo editor.

  • Conditions and terms of use are clear and transparent for every client. Every retouched picture will be sent back to you and saved in a special cloud file, connected to the software interface. In this way, you will have no reason to worry if the phone memory will be damaged. Because every new device registered with your Retouchme account will show all the pictures you have edited before.

How to make teeth whiter in photos

White Enamel Game Website

Do not wait for much to start your trip into the world of photo editing with no efforts. Because it is so close and easy as you have never thought.

  1. Find the application in the store and download it to your Android or iPhone of any model and generation.

  2. Open it immediately and find the picture you want to retouch, using the white teeth editor.

  3. Choose options you want to apply and send the request to designers, using the upper right button.

  4. Wait five minutes to get the final result, by our professional team.

  5. Publish and share it online as fast as you want to gather likes and positive comments.

How To Play White Enamel

Just combine this simple online whitener and everyday hygiene means for your mouth to obtain the best results on your photos. Enjoy awesome results with simple steps get a perfect smile and satisfaction from every shot. You never know when is the right moment to capture a new selfie and to publish it. And if toothpaste and gels are not available in the moment of capturing, then there is only way to rescue a great picture. Use cool application which will permit not only to improve a photo, but to change your overall look in general.

White Enamel Scary Game

Imagine that great group picture with your friends when you meet in a nice bar to drink coffee with chocolate cupcakes. Every moment deserves to be captured and published. But what if lovely smiles will be ruined with some chocolate or lipstick. Then the only way to move is to open your editing assistant and to ask it for help, which will arrive in only five minutes after the request. It means you will never have to regret of ruined photography only because your smile did not look so shiny as you want it to be. Just choose the right option and enhance the beauty of your look. Whiten, straighten, enlarge add shine or mistery to every selfie in just several minutes to become even more popular online. Modern technologies are getting more close and friendlier.