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Why does the XQuartz fail to launch? Why is it hard to resolve these bug issues with the app? We think it is better to uninstall XQuartz on Mac in situations like this. However, do you know the proper way to uninstall an app like XQuartz? Do you know how to remove all the remnants effectively?

It may be confusing for beginners, but experienced users have been used to it and can do everything without any guide.

  • That is why this article will provide you with what you need if you are experiencing issues with the app XQuartz.
  • As you go through this guide, it will help you how to remove it manually or automatically uninstall it using a powerful Uninstaller, and learn how to deal with all the remnants of the app.

Part 4. Conclusion

Read the different parts of the article to know how to uninstall it wholly and thoroughly. What is XQuartz and how does it work? Before we talk about the ways to uninstall XQuartz on Mac, let’s know more about this app.

Apple's edition of the X server, a part of its X Window System (X11) on macOS, is XQuartz (previously referred to as X11.app). The term "XQuartz" comes after Quartz, which is a component of the Mac OS Core Graphics system and which XQuartz uses to link these apps. Why is it necessary to uninstall XQuartz on Mac? XQuartz enables cross-platform programs that use X11 for the graphical user interface to run in macOS, even if they aren't developed for the system.

Part 3. Automatic Approach for Uninstalling XQuartz on Mac

Several academic and scientific software applications fall into this category. While using a Mac, you might discover a program called X11 that you don't know what it was for.

  1. Most users simply want to use the X11 server and client; thus, they try to install the XQuartz project. In so many circumstances, once they've finished utilizing X11 components, they won't really have to retain XQuartz on their Mac.
  2. We'll teach you how to remove XQuartz from your macOS in this simple guide totally.
  3. XQuartz is currently a DDX version (Device Dependent X). You may quickly uninstall XQuartz on the Mac by dragging it to the Trash bin within macOS.
  4. However, using the standard method to uninstall XQuartz on Mac can leave a lot of trash on the Mac.
  5. These ‘trash’ are the remnants that are generated on every app that you install on your device. To learn how to manually uninstall XQuartz on Mac and delete the leftovers, read the instructions below.

Part 2. Manual Way to Uninstall XQuartz on Mac

Exit XQuartz as well as all XQuartz-related applications > Launch the Finder app on your Mac > Applications > XQuartz > Delete XQuartz by moving it to Trash. Launch Finder > Go > Go To Folder > Enter /Library/Application/Support/XQuartz/ to wipe out XQuartz data, user preferences, as well as other orphaned data. Browse through each subfolder to find all of the XQuartz leftover files.

Important Info for 10.5 Users

The majority of them are kept in:. To completely uninstall XQuartz on Mac, move the files related to this to Trash > Empty Trash, then reboot the Mac. You might be wondering whether there's a better method to uninstall XQuartz on a Mac without causing damage to the Mac OS storage device.

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